Other Words for Hippie

Hippie Verb Synonyms: bohemian, drop-out, beatnik, beat, longhair, flower child or person, hipster

Other Words for Hire

Hire Verb Synonyms: rent, lease, charter, letting
Hire Noun Synonyms: rent, lease, engage, charter
Hire Adjective Synonyms: engage, employ, take on, appoint, enlist, sign on

Other Words for Hire Out

Hire Out Verb Synonyms: rent (out), lease (out), let (out), charter (out)

Other Words for Hiss

Hiss Noun Synonyms: catcall, jeer, boo, hoot, raspberry, Bronx cheer
Hiss Verb Synonyms: hissing, sibilance

Other Words for Historic

Historic Noun Synonyms: momentous, important, noteworthy, significant, red-letter, notable, celebrated, distinguished, prominent, great, consequential, signal, unforgettable, memorable

Other Words for Historical

Historical Verb Synonyms: factual, true, verifiable, reliable, real, authentic, recorded, documented

Other Words for History

History Noun Synonyms: past, background, life, experiences, adventures, story, biography
History Adjective Synonyms: account, story, record, description, depiction, portrayal, representation, telling, retelling, recital, narration, narrative, relation, retailing

Other Words for Hit

Hit Noun Synonyms: strike, cuff, smack, knock, whack, bash, bang, thump, thwack, punch, buffet, slap, swat, bludgeon, club, smite, spank, thrash, beat, pummel, batter, flog, scourge, birch, cane, lash, belabour, flagellate, whip, horsewhip, cudgel, fustigate
Hit Verb Synonyms: strike, collide or impact with, run or smash or crash into, bump or bang into

Other Words for Hit On

Hit On Verb Synonyms: come or happen or chance or light on or upon, discover, find, uncover, unearth, stumble or blunder on or upon, arrive at

Other Words for Hit The Nail On The Head

Hit The Nail On The Head Noun Synonyms: be accurate, be correct, be precise, be right, put (one's) finger on it

Other Words for Hit The Sack

Hit The Sack Noun Synonyms: retire, turn in, go to bed or to sleep, hit the hay, kip (down), sack out

Other Words for Hit Up

Hit Up Verb Synonyms: importune, beseech, petition, beg, implore, entreat, ask for

Other Words for Hitch

Hitch Noun Synonyms: connect, couple, fasten, attach, join, harness, tie, unite, hook (up), link, fix
Hitch Verb Synonyms: hitchhike, thumb a lift or ride, bum a ride

Other Words for Hitch Up

Hitch Up Noun Synonyms: raise, pull up, hike (up), tug (up), hoist, yank, jerk, hoick

Other Words for Hoard

Hoard Verb Synonyms: supply, stock, store, stockpile, reserve, fund, reservoir, accumulation, collection, cache
Hoard Noun Synonyms: amass, collect, accumulate, pile (up), assemble, gather, put away, stockpile, store, reserve, set aside, save (up), squirrel away, lay in or away or aside or up, stash away

Other Words for Hoax

Hoax Verb Synonyms: deceive, defraud, swindle, trick, fool, dupe, take in, cozen, hoodwink, gull, bluff, con, gyp, bamboozle
Hoax Noun Synonyms: deception, fraud, swindle, trick, flam or flimflam, imposture, cheat, humbug, con (game), gyp, scam, game, snow job

Other Words for Hobble

Hobble Verb Synonyms: shackle, fetter, restrain, restrict, hamper, hinder, impede, trammel
Hobble Noun Synonyms: limp, falter, dodder, totter, stagger, reel, weave, stumble, shuffle, shamble

Other Words for Hobby

Hobby Verb Synonyms: pastime, avocation, sideline, recreation, diversion, relaxation

Other Words for Hobnob

Hobnob Noun Synonyms: associate, fraternize, socialize, consort, mingle, rub elbows or shoulders, mix, hang about or around, keep company

Other Words for Hocus-Pocus

Hocus-Pocus Noun Synonyms: trickery, chicanery, deceit, deception, artifice, cheat, duplicity, mischief, hoax, humbug, trick, swindle, pretence, con (game), jiggery-pokery, flimflam, hanky-panky
Hocus-Pocus Verb Synonyms: mumbo-jumbo, abracadabra, incantation, nonsense, rigmarole, gibberish, gobbledegook

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