Other Words for Hoggish

Hoggish Noun Synonyms: piggish, greedy, avaricious, insatiable, gluttonous, voracious, edacious, acquisitive, possessive, self-seeking, selfish

Other Words for Hoi Polloi

Hoi Polloi Noun Synonyms: riff-raff, rabble, mob, common herd, proletariat, populace, common people, crowd, masses, multitude, rank and file, plebeians, multitude, bourgeoisie, man in the street, admass, man on the Clapham omnibus, John Q. Public, great unwashed

Other Words for Hoist

Hoist Noun Synonyms: crane, lift, elevator, davit, winch, tackle
Hoist Adjective Synonyms: lift (up), elevate, raise, heave, uplift, winch

Other Words for Hoity-Toity

Hoity-Toity Verb Synonyms: haughty, arrogant, overweening, snobbish, disdainful, supercilious, conceited, lofty, superior, self-important, high and mighty, stuck-up, snooty, uppity or uppish, toffee-nosed, snotty

Other Words for Hold

Hold Adjective Synonyms: hug, embrace, clasp, cradle, clench, clutch, enfold
Hold Noun Synonyms: grasp, grip, clasp, seize, clutch, keep, carry, hang on to
Hold Verb Synonyms: maintain, keep, put

Other Words for Hold Back

Hold Back Verb Synonyms: restrain, repress, suppress, curb, inhibit, control, check, keep back, hinder

Other Words for Hold Down

Hold Down Verb Synonyms: control, restrain, check, reduce, diminish

Other Words for Hold Forth

Hold Forth Verb Synonyms: lecture (on), declaim, harangue, preach (on or about), orate, sermonize (on), discourse (on), speechify (on or about), expatiate or expand on or upon, go on (about)

Other Words for Hold In

Hold In Verb Synonyms: control, curb, check, hold back, restrain, contain

Other Words for Hold On

Hold On Verb Synonyms: grip, grasp, hold, clutch, cling

Other Words for Hold Ones Tongue

Hold Ones Tongue Verb Synonyms: be or remain or keep silent, keep mum, say nothing, not breathe a word, keep (one's) counsel, not say a word, shut up

Other Words for Hold Out

Hold Out Verb Synonyms: last, carry on, persist, persevere, continue, hang on, stand firm or pat, endure

Other Words for Hold Over

Hold Over Verb Synonyms: postpone, delay, defer, put off, hold off, suspend

Other Words for Hold Up

Hold Up Verb Synonyms: rob, waylay, mug, stick up, knock off or over

Other Words for Hold With

Hold With Verb Synonyms: support, sustain, agree to or with, favor, countenance, approve (of), subscribe to, condone, concur with

Other Words for Hold-Up

Hold-Up Noun Synonyms: (armed) robbery, stick-up, mugging, heist

Other Words for Hole

Hole Noun Synonyms: cavity, pit, hollow, excavation, burrow, crater, cavern, cave, recess, niche, nook, pocket, depression, indentation, dent, impression

Other Words for Holiday

Holiday Noun Synonyms: time off, break, recess, respite, leave (of absence), furlough, sabbatical, vacation
Holiday Verb Synonyms: festival, feast, celebration, fĂȘte or fete, gala, fair, red-letter day, event

Other Words for Hollow

Hollow Adjective Synonyms: hungry, ravenous, starved, empty, famished
Hollow Noun Synonyms: vacant, empty, void, unfilled

Other Words for Holocaust

Holocaust Noun Synonyms: conflagration, fire-storm, inferno, fire, destruction, devastation
Holocaust Verb Synonyms: genocide, mass murder, massacre, blood bath, pogrom, butchery, carnage, annihilation, extinction, extermination, eradication, elimination

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