Other Words for Holy

Holy Noun Synonyms: sacred, religious, consecrated, sanctified, blessed, hallowed, venerated, divine, heavenly, supernal, celestial

Other Words for Homage

Homage Adjective Synonyms: obeisance, respect, deference, honor, esteem, admiration, loyalty, allegiance, fidelity, tribute

Other Words for Home

Home Noun Synonyms: (home) base, residency, territory, haunt, home ground, bailiwick, stamping-ground
Home Adjective Synonyms: dwelling-place, residence, domicile, abode, dwelling, house, (living) quarters, habitation, lodging(s), accommodation or accommodations, place, digs, diggings

Other Words for Homeless

Homeless Adverb Synonyms: dispossessed, outcast, exiled, vagabond, derelict, unsettled, unhoused

Other Words for Homely

Homely Adjective Synonyms: homey, homelike, unpretentious, modest, unassuming, simple, unaffected, informal, plain, natural, everyday, unsophisticated, homespun, commonplace, ordinary, familiar, friendly, amiable, neighbourly, affable, congenial, folksy
Homely Noun Synonyms: homey, homelike, warm, cosy, snug, domestic, comfortable, easy, serene, peaceful, restful, tranquil

Other Words for Homesick

Homesick Adjective Synonyms: nostalgic, longing, pining, lonely, lonesome, wistful, reminiscent

Other Words for Homespun

Homespun Adjective Synonyms: rustic, plain, simple, unrefined, unpolished, unsophisticated, down-to-earth, coarse, rough, rude, crude, inelegant, amateur, amateurish, non-professional, unprofessional, handmade

Other Words for Homicidal

Homicidal Adjective Synonyms: murderous, lethal, deadly, death-dealing, mortal, blood-thirsty, sanguinary, ferocious, maniacal, berserk, amok or amuck, mad, insane

Other Words for Homogeneous

Homogeneous Adjective Synonyms: uniform, consistent, unvarying, identical, constant, similar, comparable, alike, akin

Other Words for Homosexual

Homosexual Adjective Synonyms: gay, homophile, lesbian, tribade, sapphist, All the following are offensive and derogatory pervert, invert, queer, fairy, pansy, nancy, nance, queen, drag queen, homo, butch, (bull) dyke, poof, poofter, ginger (beer), fruit, auntie, fag

Other Words for Honest

Honest Noun Synonyms: trustworthy, truthful, veracious, trusty, honourable, creditable, decent, law-abiding, uncorrupted, uncorrupt, incorruptible, ethical, moral, virtuous, principled, upright, high-minded, dependable, reliable, reputable, on the up and up
Honest Adjective Synonyms: fair, just, equitable, legitimate, valid, rightful, sound, proper

Other Words for Honestly

Honestly Adjective Synonyms: truthfully, honourably, creditably, decently, ethically, morally, uprightly, dependably, reliably, in good faith, justly, fairly, equitably, even-handedly, disinterestedly, objectively, impartially

Other Words for Honesty

Honesty Adverb Synonyms: trustworthiness, uprightness, rectitude, probity, integrity, virtue, virtuousness, honor
Honesty Noun Synonyms: fairness, equity, equitableness, even-handedness, objectivity, impartiality, disinterestedness, justness, justice

Other Words for Honor

Honor Verb Synonyms: keep, maintain, carry out, live up to, discharge, fulfill, observe, meet
Honor Noun Synonyms: integrity, honesty, fairness, justness, probity, uprightness, decency, goodness, righteousness, rectitude, justice, morality, principles, virtuousness, virtue
Honor Adjective Synonyms: respect, esteem, reverence, veneration, approbation, deference, admiration, homage, regard, accolade, praise, kudos, fame, glory, celebrity, distinction, prestige, illustriousness

Other Words for Honorable

Honorable Adjective Synonyms: fair (and square), impartial, equitable, just, honest, unbiased, unprejudiced, non-prejudicial, even-handed, straight, disinterested, guileless, ingenuous, artless, open, sincere, above-board, on the up and up, undeceiving, undeceitful, upfront, on
Honorable Verb Synonyms: upright, upstanding, trustworthy, trusty, honest, just, fair, moral, principled, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, incorruptible, high-minded, noble, virtuous

Other Words for Honorarium

Honorarium Noun Synonyms: (token) fee, compensation, recompense, pay, payment, remuneration, emolument

Other Words for Honorary

Honorary Noun Synonyms: nominal, titular, in name or title only, ex officio

Other Words for Hoodlum

Hoodlum Adjective Synonyms: gangster, thug, racketeer, mobster, desperado, terrorist, ruffian, tough, rowdy, knave, hooligan, baddy, crook, plug-ugly, goon, yob, yobbo, mug, bad actor, roughneck, hood, gunsel, hit man, torpedo, French apache, larri

Other Words for Hoodwink

Hoodwink Adjective Synonyms: fool, trick, deceive, delude, dupe, gull, hoax, defraud, mislead, humbug, outwit, bamboozle, pull the wool over (someone's) eyes, pull a fast one on, lead (someone) up or down the garden path, put one over on (someone), throw dust in (someone's) eye

Other Words for Hook

Hook Verb Synonyms: snare, trap, fish-hook
Hook Noun Synonyms: hanger, peg, holder, fastener, catch, clasp, clip, pin

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