Other Words for Hungry

Hungry Verb Synonyms: craving, covetous, eager, avid, greedy, keen, yearning, desirous, longing, hungering, thirsting, starving, dying, hankering
Hungry Noun Synonyms: famished, starved, starving, ravenous, voracious, empty, hollow, peckish
Hungry Adjective Synonyms: acquisitive, greedy, thirsty, insatiable, deprived

Other Words for Hunt

Hunt Verb Synonyms: chase, pursuit, tracking (down), stalking, hunting, course
Hunt Adjective Synonyms: chase, pursue, dog, hound, stalk, trail, track (down), trace, course

Other Words for Hunt For

Hunt For Adjective Synonyms: seek (out), search (for), go in search of or for, look (high and low) for, quest after, go in quest of, scour, ransack, investigate, pry into, go over or through with a fine-tooth comb, examine, explore

Other Words for Hunter

Hunter Noun Synonyms: huntsman, huntswoman, stalker, tracker, Nimrod, Orion, huntress

Other Words for Hurdle

Hurdle Noun Synonyms: barrier, obstacle, impediment, hindrance, obstruction, bar, handicap, restraint, snag, (stumbling) block, check, difficulty, complication, interference

Other Words for Hurl

Hurl Noun Synonyms: throw, toss, shy, sling, fling, pitch, cast, send, fire, heave, propel, let fly, chuck

Other Words for Hurricane

Hurricane Verb Synonyms: cyclone, tornado, typhoon, whirlwind, twister, wind-storm, storm, gale, blow

Other Words for Hurried

Hurried Verb Synonyms: hasty, feverish, frantic, hectic, breakneck, frenetic, impetuous, rushed, precipitate, swift, quick, speedy, brief, short
Hurried Noun Synonyms: superficial, cursory, offhand, perfunctory, slapdash

Other Words for Hurry

Hurry Adjective Synonyms: rush, hasten, make haste, speed, race, dash, hustle, scurry, tear, fly, run, shoot, scoot, scamper, scuttle, hotfoot (it), shake a leg, get cracking, get a move on, go hell for leather, skedaddle, step on it, step on the gas, hightail it out
Hurry Verb Synonyms: haste, rush, urgency, eagerness, agitation, disquiet, upset, dither, fuss, bustle, ado, to-do, furore or furor, commotion, turmoil, stir, pother, stew, sweat

Other Words for Hurt

Hurt Noun Synonyms: ache, smart, pain, pinch, sting, burn, torment, gripe
Hurt Verb Synonyms: harm, injure, wound, damage, impair, mar, spoil, vitiate, ruin

Other Words for Hurtful

Hurtful Adjective Synonyms: harmful, injurious, detrimental, pernicious, prejudicial, disadvantageous, damaging, deleterious, destructive, noisome, noxious, baneful, mischievous

Other Words for Hurtle

Hurtle Adjective Synonyms: rush (headlong), tear, shoot, race, speed, plunge

Other Words for Husband

Husband Verb Synonyms: save, keep, retain, hoard, conserve, preserve, store, budget, economize (on), manage
Husband Adjective Synonyms: mate, spouse, groom, bridegroom, partner, old man, hubby

Other Words for Hush

Hush Noun Synonyms: Shush!, Quiet!, Be or Keep quiet or silent or still!, Hold your tongue!, Mum's the word!, Shut up!, Clam up!, Shut your trap!, Button your lip!, Shut your gob!, Belt up!, Hush up!, Shut your face!, Hush your mouth!
Hush Verb Synonyms: shush, silence, still, quiet
Hush Interjectionection Synonyms: suppress, mute, soften, soft-pedal, whisper

Other Words for Hush Up

Hush Up Verb Synonyms: suppress, repress, quash, cover up, hide, conceal, keep quiet, squelch

Other Words for Husky

Husky Noun Synonyms: hoarse, gruff, dry, harsh, rasping, rough, raucous
Husky Verb Synonyms: brawny, strapping, sturdy, burly, well-built, robust, hefty, rugged, powerful, strong, stout, thickset, muscular, tough, beefy

Other Words for Hustle

Hustle Adjective Synonyms: rush, push, hurry, hasten, run, dash, scamper, scuttle, scurry, sprint
Hustle Verb Synonyms: shove, crowd, push, jostle, elbow, thrust, force

Other Words for Hut

Hut Noun Synonyms: cabin, shack, shanty, shed, lean-to, shelter, cote, cot, gunyah

Other Words for Hybrid

Hybrid Noun Synonyms: mixture, cross-breed, half-breed, mongrel, cross, composite, combination, compound

Other Words for Hygienic

Hygienic Noun Synonyms: clean, sanitary, sterile, disinfected, germ-free, aseptic, pure

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