Other Words for Hall

Hall Noun Synonyms: corridor, hallway, passageway, passage, foyer, entry, entry-way, lobby, vestibule
Hall Adjective Synonyms: auditorium, assembly or meeting or convention hall, theatre, amphitheatre, hired hall, lecture-room, lecture-hall, classroom

Other Words for Hallmark

Hallmark Noun Synonyms: authentication, verification, seal or stamp (of authenticity or approval), mark, device, sign, symbol, plate-mark, assay-mark

Other Words for Hallow

Hallow Noun Synonyms: consecrate, bless, sanctify, dedicate, honor, enshrine, glorify

Other Words for Hallucination

Hallucination Verb Synonyms: fantasy, mirage, day-dream, illusion, delusion, vision, dream, aberration, chimera, phantasm, phantom, figment of the imagination, apparition, spectre, ghost, par‘sthesia

Other Words for Halo

Halo Verb Synonyms: nimbus, aura, aureole or aureola, corona, radiance, Painting vesica, mandorla, ring, disc, circle, annulation, annulus

Other Words for Halt

Halt Noun Synonyms: stop, standstill, end, termination, close, stoppage, cessation

Other Words for Halting

Halting Noun Synonyms: hesitant, hesitating, wavering, shifting, uneven, faltering, stumbling, faulty, unsteady, awkward, stammering, stuttering

Other Words for Hamper

Hamper Adjective Synonyms: basket, pannier, creel, punnet, hanaper, Dialectal skep
Hamper Verb Synonyms: slow, balk or baulk, delay, hold up, retard, inhibit, encumber, hinder, obstruct, block, impede, prevent, interfere with, frustrate, restrict, curb, limit, handicap, restrain, trammel, bar, barricade, shackle, clog, curtail, lessen, reduce, diminish

Other Words for Hand

Hand Noun Synonyms: influence, agency, participation, involvement, part, share
Hand Verb Synonyms: mitt, paw, lunch-hook

Other Words for Hand In

Hand In Verb Synonyms: submit, give in, tender, proffer, offer

Other Words for Hand In Globe

Hand In Globe Noun Synonyms: hand in hand, in league, together, in collusion, collusively, connivingly, conspiringly, intimately, closely, jointly, in cahoots

Other Words for Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand Noun Synonyms: together, side by side, hand in glove

Other Words for Hand Out

Hand Out Verb Synonyms: distribute, disseminate, pass out or round or around, give out, deal (out), mete or dole out, dispense, disburse

Other Words for Hand Over

Hand Over Noun Synonyms: bequeath, will, pass on, transfer, turn over
Hand Over Verb Synonyms: deliver, submit, yield, give up, surrender, turn over, transfer

Other Words for Hand-Over-Fist

Hand-Over-Fist Noun Synonyms: quickly, speedily, rapidly, swiftly, steadily, like mad

Other Words for Handcuffs

Handcuffs Verb Synonyms: manacles, shackles, cuffs, bracelets, darbies

Other Words for Handful

Handful Noun Plural Synonyms: (behavior or disciplinary) problem, bother, mischief-maker, troublemaker, nuisance
Handful Verb Synonyms: few, couple, sprinkling, small number, fistful

Other Words for Handicap

Handicap Noun Synonyms: hindrance, restraint, encumbrance, restriction, limitation, impediment, barrier, bar, obstacle, (stumbling) block, constraint, check, curb, trammel, disability, disadvantage

Other Words for Handily

Handily Noun Synonyms: readily, easily, effortlessly, without strain, comfortably, with both hands tied (behind one's back)
Handily Verb Synonyms: skilfully, capably, deftly, cleverly, dexterously, adroitly, expertly, proficiently, masterfully

Other Words for Handle

Handle Verb Synonyms: steer, control, manage, cope with, maneuver, manipulate
Handle Noun Synonyms: manage, run, operate, direct, administer, supervise, oversee, control, command, guide
Handle Adverb Synonyms: grip, hilt, handgrip, haft, helve

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