Other Words for Hands

Hands Noun Synonyms: control, hold, grasp, possession, custody, clutches, keeping, power, disposal, jurisdiction, authority, supervision, management, guardianship, care

Other Words for Hands Down

Hands Down Noun Synonyms: easily, readily, effortlessly

Other Words for Handsome

Handsome Verb Synonyms: good-looking, fine-looking, attractive, fair, comely

Other Words for Handy

Handy Adjective Synonyms: nearby, accessible, available, at or on or to hand, close (by), convenient, at one's fingertips, within (easy) reach, (at the) ready

Other Words for Hang

Hang Verb Synonyms: drape, fall
Hang Adjective Synonyms: suspend, depend, dangle, be poised or suspended, hover, swing

Other Words for Hang Around

Hang Around Verb Synonyms: loiter, wait, linger, dally, idle, tarry , hang out

Other Words for Hang Back

Hang Back Verb Synonyms: be reluctant, recoil, shrink, hesitate, falter, stay away

Other Words for Hang Fire

Hang Fire Noun Synonyms: delay, be delayed, be in abeyance, be suspended, be shelved, be put off, be postponed, be up in the air, be put on hold, be (put) on the back burner
Hang Fire Verb Synonyms: be delayed, remain unsettled or unfinished, be in suspense or abeyance, stall, hold up, delay

Other Words for Hang On

Hang On Verb Synonyms: hold on (to), cling (to), clutch, grip, grasp, grab

Other Words for Hang Ones Head

Hang Ones Head Verb Synonyms: be ashamed or humiliated or abashed or humbled or embarrassed

Other Words for Hang Over

Hang Over Verb Synonyms: be put off or postponed or delayed

Other Words for Hang Together

Hang Together Verb Synonyms: unite, be united, be as one, stick together, join forces, cooperate, act in concert or harmony

Other Words for Hang Up

Hang Up Verb Synonyms: break the connection, disconnect, cut off, put down the receiver

Other Words for Hanger-On

Hanger-On Verb Synonyms: follower, dependant, leech, parasite, toady, sycophant, yes-man, scrounger, freeloader, groupie, sponger or sponge

Other Words for Hangman

Hangman Verb Synonyms: executioner, Jack Ketch

Other Words for Hanker For

Hanker For Noun Synonyms: yearn for, long for, thirst after or for, hunger after or for, itch for, pine for, lust after or for, covet, crave, have a hankering for, want, desire, fancy, have a yen for

Other Words for Hanky-Panky

Hanky-Panky Noun Synonyms: mischief, trickery, double-dealing, legerdemain, deception, duplicity, chicanery, naughtiness, foolishness, tomfoolery, funny business, jiggery-pokery, monkey business, shenanigans, goings-on, antics

Other Words for Haphazard

Haphazard Verb Synonyms: random, arbitrary, chance, fortuitous, aleatory, accidental, unforeseen, unlooked-for, unexpected, adventitious, serendipitous
Haphazard Noun Synonyms: casual, offhand, hit-or-miss, unsystematic, slapdash, slipshod, careless, disorganized, disorderly

Other Words for Happen

Happen Adjective Synonyms: occur, take place, come about, go on, come to pass, develop, betide, chance, prove, materialize, transpire, come off, cook

Other Words for Happening

Happening Verb Synonyms: event, incident, occurrence, occasion, taking place, circumstance, chance, episode, phenomenon

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