Other Words for Heroic

Heroic Noun Synonyms: brave, courageous, bold, valiant, valorous, undaunted, dauntless, stout-hearted, noble, intrepid, gallant, chivalrous, daring, plucky, audacious, fearless, manly, virile, manful
Heroic Adjective Synonyms: desperate, drastic, extreme

Other Words for Heroine

Heroine Adjective Synonyms: (female) lead, leading actress or lady, prima donna or ballerina, premiere danseuse, diva

Other Words for Hesitant

Hesitant Adjective Synonyms: hesitating, undecided, uncertain, unsettled, irresolute, vacillating, shilly-shallying, dithering, fluctuating, wavering, unresolved, ambivalent, in or of two minds, indefinite, havering
Hesitant Noun Synonyms: halting, stammering, stuttering, faltering

Other Words for Hesitate

Hesitate Adjective Synonyms: delay, hold or hang back, pause, dilly-dally, wait, temporize, think twice, balk, boggle at, shrink from, demur, scruple, haver, jib, stall

Other Words for Hidden

Hidden Verb Synonyms: concealed, secret, obscure(d), occult, veiled, cryptic, recondite, arcane, covert, esoteric, unseen, private

Other Words for Hide

Hide Adjective Synonyms: conceal, cover, mask, camouflage, disguise, veil, shroud, screen, cover up, keep secret
Hide Verb Synonyms: conceal, secrete, cache, squirrel away, go underground, take cover, lie low, go into hiding, lurk, go to ground, drop out of sight, go into hiding, hibernate, latibulize, hide out, hole up, lie low, lie doggo

Other Words for Hideaway

Hideaway Noun Synonyms: refuge, retreat, sanctuary, hide-out, hiding-place, lair, (safe) haven, hole, hidey-hole or hidy-hole

Other Words for Hidebound

Hidebound Verb Synonyms: strait-laced, conventional, ultra-conventional, conservative, reactionary, rigid, set (in one's ways), narrow-minded, close-minded, inflexible, intractable, uncompromising, restricted, cramped, bigoted, intolerant

Other Words for Hideous

Hideous Adjective Synonyms: foul, abhorrent, heinous, horrifying, appalling, outrageous, abominable, vile, shocking, loathsome, contemptible, hateful, odious, atrocious, horrific, beastly, damnable, execrable
Hideous Noun Synonyms: grotesque, ugly, repulsive, revolting, repellent, monstrous, beastly, gorgonian, unsightly, ghastly, disgusting, grisly, nauseating, nauseous, sickening, gruesome

Other Words for High

High Noun Synonyms: anticyclone
High Adjective Synonyms: tall, lofty, elevated, towering
High Adverb Synonyms: intoxication, altered consciousness

Other Words for High-Class

High-Class Adjective Synonyms: aristocratic, upper-class, elite, select, exclusive, upper crust, fancy, county, tony, classy
High-Class Noun Synonyms: first-rate, superior, better, top-drawer, tops, tiptop, A-one or A-1, super, great

Other Words for Highbrow

Highbrow Noun Synonyms: scholar, intellectual, savant, sage, mastermind, genius, aesthete, connoisseur, egghead, brain

Other Words for Highly

Highly Adverb Synonyms: favourably, well, enthusiastically, approvingly, warmly, praisefully
Highly Adjective Synonyms: greatly, much, tremendously, well, enthusiastically, warmly, immensely, hugely

Other Words for Hilarious

Hilarious Adverb Synonyms: funny, side-splitting, humorous, comical, amusing, entertaining, mirthful, merry, gay, jolly, jovial, cheerful, cheery, joyous, joyful, rollicking, uproarious, hysterical

Other Words for Hilarity

Hilarity Adverb Synonyms: laughter, gaiety, joviality, jollity, merriment, mirth, exuberance, glee, boisterousness, cheerfulness, joyfulness, jubilation, elation, revelry, conviviality, high spirits, vivacity, exhilaration

Other Words for Hill

Hill Adjective Synonyms: elevation, rise, highland, mound, prominence, promontory, eminence, knoll, hillock, hummock, height, foothill, tor, mount, upland, downs or downland, brae, fell, W tump, butte
Hill Noun Synonyms: heap, pile, mound, stack, mountain

Other Words for Hinder

Hinder Noun Synonyms: hamper, delay, interrupt, impede, interfere with, foil, thwart, frustrate, forestall, bar, stymie, check, balk or baulk, encumber, obstruct, handicap, set or keep or put or hold back, defer, retard, restrain, slow, postpone

Other Words for Hindrance

Hindrance Verb Synonyms: obstruction, impediment, snag, check, obstruction, barrier, obstacle, restraint, drawback, hitch, stumbling-block, deterrent, encumbrance

Other Words for Hint

Hint Noun Synonyms: suggestion, clue, implication, inkling, indication, tip, tip-off, intimation, allusion, innuendo, insinuation, pointer, help, advice

Other Words for Hip

Hip Noun Synonyms: informed, aware, knowledgeable, knowing, perceptive, alert, in or up on, onto, wise (to), with it, cool, hep

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