Other Words for Hack

Hack Adjective Synonyms
bark, cough
She was disgusted by the man's hacking and spitting.

chop, hew, lacerate, gash, slash, cut, mangle, butcher, mutilate, ruin, destroy, smash, batter, damage, deface
He hacked the furniture to pieces with an axe.

Hack Noun Synonyms
hackneyed, trite, banal, overdone, commonplace, routine, stereotyped, stock, tired, tedious, mediocre, overworked, stale, unoriginal, run-of-the-mill, humdrum, moth-eaten, mouldy, old hat
Haverstock keeps publishing hack romances.

saddle-horse, riding-horse, hackney, palfrey
The hack was a fine bay mare.

plodder, drudge, toiler, menial, flunkey, lackey, slave, fag, grind, swot
Fergus gets good grades because he's such a hack.

Hack Verb Synonyms
drudge, penny-a-liner, scribbler, Grub Street writer
We made a mistake hiring that hack as a feature writer.

cut, gash, slash, chop
He took a hack at the log with his hatchet.

More Words for Hack

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