Other Words for Had Rather

Had Rather Verb Synonyms
prefer to, would rather or sooner
I'd rather be with you.

Shadow Integration

Health / Massage / Shadow Integration: This modality is based on Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow--those parts of your personality or beliefs that you do not give a conscious place in your life. The theory is that by putting your emotio MORE

Shadow Sector

Technology / Radar / Shadow Sector: A sector on the radarscope in which the appearance of radar echoes is improbable because of an obstruction near the antenna. While both blind and shadow sectors have the same basic cause, blind sector MORE

Shadow Detail

Entertainment / Photography / Shadow Detail: Details visible in areas that are darkest in the subject. MORE

Shadow Calendar

Business / Finance / Shadow Calendar: A backlog of securities issues registered with the SEC, awaiting the determination of an offer date. MORE

Shadow Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Shadow Ball: A practice ball rolled on an empty lane, without pins. MORE

Shadow Stock

Business / Finance / Shadow Stock: First, a public company may create a stock that strips out the market wide movements for the purpose of rewarding managers. That is, the management might have done a great job - but the traded stock p MORE