Other Words for Hair

Hair Noun Synonyms
hair's breadth, whisker, trifle, fraction, skin of one's teeth
He won the race by a hair.

Hair Verb Synonyms
tresses, locks, mane, curls, ringlets, braids, plaits
You will recognize her by her red hair.

Hair Bulb

Science / Biology / Hair Bulb: The base of a hair; contains cells that divide mitotically to produce columns of hair cells. MORE

Camel Hair

Life Style / Painting / Camel Hair: Trade name for tail hair from various types of Russian squirrels. Used for signwriter, lacquering brushings and lettering quills. MORE

Wunda Chair

Health / Pilates / Wunda Chair: Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups like the back and deep abdominal muscles, the Wunda Chair utilizes both the large and small muscle groups. Exercises done using the Wunda Chair also pr MORE

Chair Massage

Health / Massage / Chair Massage: Known as seated massage, chair massage, or on-site massage, this technique involves the use of a specially designed massage chair in which the client sits comfortably. The modern chair massage was ori MORE

Hair Root

Science / Biology / Hair Root: The portion of a hair that extends from the skins surface to the hair bulb. MORE

Hair Side

Entertainment / Literature / Hair Side: The side of a sheet or parchment or vellum that once carried the animal's hair. It is generally darker and smoother than the flesh side, and it may carry markings such as pores or traces of hair folli MORE