Other Words for Hairy

Hairy Adjective Synonyms
tangled, intricate, knotty, complex, complicated, difficult, problematic, confused, confusing
The exam contained some hairy questions.

hirsute, shaggy, downy, fleecy, fluffy, woolly, lanate or lanose, lanuginous or lanuginose, bristly, setaceous, setal, hispid, comate or comose, fringy, crinite, trichoid, strigose or strigous, strigillose, whiskered, bewhiskered, bearded, barbate
The creature had a very hairy face.

tricky, dangerous, perilous, risky, uncertain, precarious, hazardous, frightening, worrying, nerve-racking or nerve-wracking, scary
The situation at the office has become very hairy.

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