Other Words for Half Witted

Half Witted Adjective Synonyms
stupid, foolish, silly, simple, inane, asinine, moronic, imbecilic, doltish, rattle-brained, feeble-minded, attocerebral, cretinous, thick, non compos mentis, dim-witted, weak-minded, dumb, dotty, barmy (in the crumpet)
She had some halfwitted idea that she would win the lottery.

More Words for Half Witted

Silly / Simple / Thick


Business / Machine Shop / Half-Nut: A lever-operated mechanism that resembles a split nut that can be closed on the leadscrew of a lathe when threads are being cut. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Half-Plate: Picture format measuring 4¾ x 6½ inches. Some early cameras produced negatives of this size. MORE

Half-Power Point

Technology / Radar / Half-Power Point: The region of the radar beam where the signal strength drops to 1/2 of that strength measured at the main axis. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Half-Line: part of a line bounded by a caesura or some upper limit of syllables or stresses. MORE


Science / Biology / Half-Life: The time required for one-half of an original unstable radioactive element to be converted to a more stable daughter element. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Half-Frame: Negative format of 18 x 24mm. Images are recorded on a vertical axis on standard 35mm film, thus giving 72 half-frame images on film designed for 36 exposures. MORE