Other Words for Heave

Heave Adjective Synonyms
raise, lift, hoist, haul, pull, draw, tug, move
We heaved in the anchor and made sail.

throw, toss, hurl, fling, cast, sling, pitch, let fly, send, launch, peg, chuck
When he heaved the sword into the lake a hand rose from the waters and caught it.

Heave Verb Synonyms
gag, retch, vomit, be sick, regurgitate, disgorge, throw up, puke, lose one's lunch, return one's dinner, upchuck, spiff one's biscuits
The smell of petrol always makes me heave.

breathe, utter, sigh, groan, moan, gasp
We heaved a sigh of relief when we heard that they had been found.

More Words for Heave

Pull / Raise / Sling / Cast / Move / Toss / Throw / Draw / Pitch / Peg / Moan


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