Other Words for Height

Height Adjective Synonyms
altitude, elevation, level, tallness
At what height is the second camp on Mount Everest? The height of the skyscrapers impressed me.

acme, crest, pinnacle, top, zenith, apogee, peak, apex, maximum, high point, summit, climax, culmination, extreme
Popularity of that style reached its height in the 1930s. His remark reflected the height of arrogance.

More Words for Height

Top / Level

Gage Height

Science / Geology / Gage Height: A measured height of water above a reference datum. Frequently used to describe the height of water in a stream, lake, well, canal or other water body. MORE

Decision Height

Technology / Aviation / Decision Height: With respect to the operation of aircraft, the height at which point a decision must be made during an instrument approach to either continue the approach or to execute a missed approach [abort]. MORE

RHI (Range Height Indicator)

Technology / Radar / RHI (Range Height Indicator): Display on which radar signals are shown with height as the vertical axis and range as the horizontal axis, forming a vertical cross section of a cloud or precipitation system. MORE

Range Height Indicator (RHI)

Technology / Radar / Range Height Indicator (RHI): A range height indicator (rhi) is a radar display that represents the height of the target on the vertical axis, and uses the horizontal axis of the rhi to represent the target range. MORE

Tidal Wave

Science / Geology / Tidal Wave: A term that is incorrectly used in reference to a tsunami. Tsunamis have nothing to do with the tides. MORE

Tide Curve

Science / Tides and Currents / Tide Curve: A graphic representation of the rise and fall of the tide in which time is usually represented by the abscissa and height by the ordinate. For a semidiurnal tide with little diurnal inequality, the gr MORE