Other Words for High

High Adjective Synonyms
tall, lofty, elevated, towering
High mountains surround the valley.

far up, great in extent
Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly so high. I was willing to go as high as 20,000 for the painting.

costly, dear, expensive, high-priced
Shares are not as high as they were before the crash.

considerable, favorable, great
She is held in high esteem by her colleagues.

consequential, important, grave, serious, weighty, momentous, heinous, capital
His activities constitute high treason.

cheerful, exuberant, elated, boisterous, exhilarated, hilarious, merry, excited
I find his persistent high spirits rather depressing.

euphoric, intoxicated, inebriated, drunk, drugged, loaded, tipsy, turned on, on a trip, stoned, spaced out, squiffy, spacy, squiffed
They got high sniffing glue.

great, huge, enormous, considerable, strong, violent, turbulent
These wires carry high voltages. The high winds blew down trees.

gamy, tainted, aged, ripe, pongy
He likes to hang venison till it is quite high.

elaborate, luxurious, grand, extravagant, lavish, rich, prodigal, sybaritic
With her millions she can now enjoy the high life.

extreme, excessive, extraordinary, exorbitant, outrageous, steep, stiff
Houses in that district are fetching high prices.

exalted, elevated, lofty, superior, high-class
With insider trading, theft became a high art in the financial world.

chief, leading, important, principal, foremost
He regards himself as the high priest of women's fashion.

peak, record, height, maximum, acme, apex
Employment is expected to reach a high next summer.

high-pitched, high-frequency, squeaky, acute, treble, soprano, shrill, strident, sharp, penetrating, piercing, ear-splitting
The higher notes make my radio speaker vibrate. She has an irritatingly high voice.

High Adverb Synonyms
intoxication, altered consciousness
The high lasts till the drug wears off.

High Noun Synonyms
The high passing over the country will bring fair weather.

More Words for High

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