Other Words for Human

Human Adjective Synonyms
Good Samaritan, benefactor, philanthropist, altruist
Because of her charitable works, Lady Pendleton is thought of as a great humanitarian.

kind, kindly, kind-hearted, considerate, charitable, compassionate, merciful, benign, benignant, tender, gentle, forgiving, lenient, benevolent, beneficent, generous, magnanimous, humanitarian, understanding, accommodating, sympathetic, good-natured
Human concern for others is in short supply these days.

human being, person, individual, woman, man, child, mortal, one, soul, someone, somebody
Humans have long maltreated many of the animals on which they depend.

Human Noun Synonyms
sensitive, defenseless, weak, fallible, vulnerable
She is human, too, can be easily hurt.

Human Verb Synonyms
mortal, anthropoid, hominoid, android, hominid, Possibly offensive manlike
The aliens from the spaceship had few human characteristics. It is human nature to think.

More Words for Human

Woman / Weak / One / Kind / Individual / Man / Tender / Benign / Sensitive

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