Other Words for Icing

Icing Adjective Synonyms: frosting, glaze, coating

Other Words for Icy

Icy Noun Synonyms: ice-cold, frigid, arctic, bitter, glacial, freezing, frozen, chill, glacial, hyperborean or hyperboreal, polar, Siberian, wintry, raw, cold, chilling, chilly

Other Words for Idea

Idea Adjective Synonyms: concept, conception, construct, thought, notion, plan, design, scheme, suggestion, recommendation
Idea Noun Synonyms: aim, goal, purpose, objective, object, end, point, reason, raison d'ˆtre

Other Words for Ideal

Ideal Noun Synonyms: model, paragon, standard, criterion, paradigm, exemplar, pattern, example, epitome

Other Words for Idealistic

Idealistic Adjective Synonyms: visionary, romantic, romanticized, optimistic, starry-eyed, quixotic, Panglossian, impractical, unrealistic

Other Words for Idealize

Idealize Adjective Synonyms: exalt, elevate, glorify, worship, ennoble, deify, apotheosize, put on a pedestal, romanticize

Other Words for Ideally

Ideally Verb Synonyms: theoretically, in theory, in principle
Ideally Adjective Synonyms: under or in the best of circumstances, at best, in a perfect world, all things being equal
Ideally Adverb Synonyms: perfectly

Other Words for Ideals

Ideals Noun Synonyms: principles, morals, standards

Other Words for Identical

Identical Adverb Synonyms: same, twin, duplicate, indistinguishable, interchangeable, selfsame

Other Words for Identification

Identification Noun Synonyms: connection, association, affiliation, empathy, sympathy, rapport, relationship
Identification Adjective Synonyms: connection, recognition, distinguishing, indication, perception, detection, selection, naming, labelling, pinpointing, designation, characterization, denomination, authentication, verification, establishment, certification, substantiation, corroboration

Other Words for Identify

Identify Verb Synonyms: diagnose, specify, name, recognize
Identify Noun Synonyms: classify, categorize, catalogue, pigeon-hole, sort (out), specify, pinpoint, home (in) on, name, label, tag, recognize, place, mark, label, tag, pinpoint, single out, point out, put one's finger on

Other Words for Identify With

Identify With Verb Synonyms: empathize (with), sympathize (with), relate (to), dig

Other Words for Identity

Identity Verb Synonyms: sameness, oneness, unanimity, indistinguishability, agreement, accord, congruence

Other Words for Ideology

Ideology Noun Synonyms: belief(s), convictions, tenets, credo, philosophy, principles, creed, dogma, teachings, doctrine

Other Words for Idiom

Idiom Noun Synonyms: language, tongue, speech, vernacular, dialect, argot, patois, jargon, cant, idiolect, parlance, fa‡on de parler, phraseology

Other Words for Idle

Idle Adjective Synonyms: indolent, lazy, listless, lethargic, loafing, slothful, shiftless, lackadaisical, loitering, fain‚ant
Idle Noun Synonyms: unused, inactive, unoccupied, non-operative, stationary

Other Words for Idle Away

Idle Away Adjective Synonyms: waste, fritter away, while away, kill

Other Words for Idleness

Idleness Verb Synonyms: inactivity, inaction, lethargy, torpor, indolence, laziness, sluggishness, sloth, slothfulness, shiftlessness, inertia, lassitude, torpor, flƒnerie, dolce far niente, unemployment, lallygagging or lollygagging, gold-bricking

Other Words for Idler

Idler Noun Synonyms: loafer, layabout, slacker, shirker, sluggard, lazybones, slugabed, laggard, dawdler, clock-watcher, drone, slouch, ne'er-do-well, fain‚ant, lounge lizard, gold brick or gold-bricker

Other Words for Idly

Idly Noun Synonyms: unproductively, lazily, indolently

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