Other Words for Icing

Icing Adjective Synonyms: frosting, glaze, coating

Other Words for Icy

Icy Noun Synonyms: ice-cold, frigid, arctic, bitter, glacial, freezing, frozen, chill, glacial, hyperborean or hyperboreal, polar, Siberian, wintry, raw, cold, chilling, chilly

Other Words for Idea

Idea Adjective Synonyms: concept, conception, construct, thought, notion, plan, design, scheme, suggestion, recommendation
Idea Noun Synonyms: aim, goal, purpose, objective, object, end, point, reason, raison d'ˆtre

Other Words for Ideal

Ideal Noun Synonyms: model, paragon, standard, criterion, paradigm, exemplar, pattern, example, epitome

Other Words for Idealistic

Idealistic Adjective Synonyms: visionary, romantic, romanticized, optimistic, starry-eyed, quixotic, Panglossian, impractical, unrealistic

Other Words for Idealize

Idealize Adjective Synonyms: exalt, elevate, glorify, worship, ennoble, deify, apotheosize, put on a pedestal, romanticize

Other Words for Ideally

Ideally Verb Synonyms: theoretically, in theory, in principle
Ideally Adverb Synonyms: perfectly
Ideally Adjective Synonyms: under or in the best of circumstances, at best, in a perfect world, all things being equal

Other Words for Ideals

Ideals Noun Synonyms: principles, morals, standards

Other Words for Identical

Identical Adverb Synonyms: same, twin, duplicate, indistinguishable, interchangeable, selfsame

Other Words for Identification

Identification Noun Synonyms: connection, association, affiliation, empathy, sympathy, rapport, relationship
Identification Adjective Synonyms: connection, recognition, distinguishing, indication, perception, detection, selection, naming, labelling, pinpointing, designation, characterization, denomination, authentication, verification, establishment, certification, substantiation, corroboration

Other Words for Identify

Identify Noun Synonyms: classify, categorize, catalogue, pigeon-hole, sort (out), specify, pinpoint, home (in) on, name, label, tag, recognize, place, mark, label, tag, pinpoint, single out, point out, put one's finger on
Identify Verb Synonyms: diagnose, specify, name, recognize

Other Words for Identify With

Identify With Verb Synonyms: empathize (with), sympathize (with), relate (to), dig

Other Words for Identity

Identity Verb Synonyms: sameness, oneness, unanimity, indistinguishability, agreement, accord, congruence

Other Words for Ideology

Ideology Noun Synonyms: belief(s), convictions, tenets, credo, philosophy, principles, creed, dogma, teachings, doctrine

Other Words for Idiom

Idiom Noun Synonyms: language, tongue, speech, vernacular, dialect, argot, patois, jargon, cant, idiolect, parlance, fa‡on de parler, phraseology

Other Words for Idle

Idle Adjective Synonyms: indolent, lazy, listless, lethargic, loafing, slothful, shiftless, lackadaisical, loitering, fain‚ant
Idle Noun Synonyms: unused, inactive, unoccupied, non-operative, stationary

Other Words for Idle Away

Idle Away Adjective Synonyms: waste, fritter away, while away, kill

Other Words for Idleness

Idleness Verb Synonyms: inactivity, inaction, lethargy, torpor, indolence, laziness, sluggishness, sloth, slothfulness, shiftlessness, inertia, lassitude, torpor, flƒnerie, dolce far niente, unemployment, lallygagging or lollygagging, gold-bricking

Other Words for Idler

Idler Noun Synonyms: loafer, layabout, slacker, shirker, sluggard, lazybones, slugabed, laggard, dawdler, clock-watcher, drone, slouch, ne'er-do-well, fain‚ant, lounge lizard, gold brick or gold-bricker

Other Words for Idly

Idly Noun Synonyms: unproductively, lazily, indolently

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