Other Words for Inauspicious

Inauspicious Verb Synonyms: unpromising, unlucky, unfortunate, unfavorable, unpropitious, untoward, ill-starred, ominous, ill-omened, ill-fated, portentous, menacing, doomed, sinister, dark, gloomy, cloudy, clouded, black

Other Words for Inborn

Inborn Verb Synonyms: innate, congenital, inherent, inherited, hereditary, inbred, natural, native, constitutional, deep-seated, deep-rooted, ingrained, instinctive or instinctual, connate

Other Words for Incandescent

Incandescent Adjective Synonyms: glowing, red-hot, white-hot, alight, aflame, flaming, burning, fiery, candent, flaring

Other Words for Incapable Of

Incapable Of Adjective Synonyms: unable (to), powerless (to), incompetent (to), unfit (to), unqualified (to), impotent (to), unequal to, not up to

Other Words for Incapacitate

Incapacitate Adjective Synonyms: disable, cripple, paralyse, lame, wound, maim, impair, weaken, enfeeble, enervate, exhaust, devitalize, immobilize, inactivate, deactivate, put out of action, indispose

Other Words for Incentive

Incentive Adjective Synonyms: incitement, impetus, encouragement, goad, prod, provocation, spur, impulse, enticement, lure, inducement, stimulus, motivation, carrot

Other Words for Incidence

Incidence Verb Synonyms: frequency, rate, degree, extent, occurrence, prevalence, quantity, amount, number

Other Words for Incident

Incident Noun Synonyms: event, occasion, occurrence, proceeding, circumstance, fact, happening, experience, episode

Other Words for Incidental

Incidental Noun Synonyms: casual, chance, fortuitous, aleatory, random, haphazard, serendipitous, unpredictable, accidental, adventitious, unplanned, unlooked-for, fluky

Other Words for Incidentally

Incidentally Adjective Synonyms: by the way, by the by, apropos (of), parenthetically

Other Words for Incision

Incision Adverb Synonyms: cut, gash, slit, slash

Other Words for Incisive

Incisive Adverb Synonyms: keen, sharp, acute, piercing, perspicacious, perceptive, percipient, penetrating, trenchant, canny, shrewd
Incisive Noun Synonyms: sarcastic, biting, mordant, cutting, caustic, sardonic, ironic(al), sharp, acid, tart, acrid, acrimonious, bitter, acerbic, cynical, stinging, critical

Other Words for Incite

Incite Adjective Synonyms: stimulate, inspire, prompt, move, stir, stir or whip or work up, bestir, excite, fire, exhort, agitate, foment, inflame, provoke, rally, goad, spur, prick, prod, drive, push, egg on, encourage, urge, influence, wake, waken, awaken, rouse, arouse

Other Words for Incitement

Incitement Adjective Synonyms: stimulation, instigating, spurring, urging, influencing, awakening, wakening, arousing, prodding, prompting, stirring, whipping, exciting, firing, exhorting, agitating, fomenting, inflaming, firing, provoking, rallying, goading, prodding, pricking
Incitement Verb Synonyms: stimulus, incentive, inducement, enticement, temptation, impulse, motivation, influence, instigation, provocation, inspiration, persuasion, exhortation, agitation, fomentation, inflammation, arousal, encouragement, excitement

Other Words for Incivility

Incivility Noun Synonyms: rudeness, boorishness, coarseness, discourtesy, uncourtliness, unmannerliness, indecorum, indecorousness, discourteousness, impoliteness, tactlessness, ungentlemanliness, bad breeding, ill breeding, bad manners, misbehavior

Other Words for Inclement

Inclement Noun Synonyms: extreme, intemperate, severe, harsh, rigorous, stormy, violent, rainy, squally, blustery, raw, bad, tempestuous

Other Words for Inclination

Inclination Adjective Synonyms: slope, slant, angle, bend, incline, tilt
Inclination Noun Synonyms: bow, bowing, bend, bending, nod, nodding, tilt, tilting

Other Words for Incline

Incline Noun Synonyms: tend, lean, bend, bow, slant, tilt, angle, bank, slope, ascend, rise, descend
Incline Verb Synonyms: tend, lean, gravitate, show favour or preference, be attracted to, be biased or prejudiced, have a mind, be disposed or predisposed, lean, tend

Other Words for Inclined

Inclined Adjective Synonyms: sloping, slanting, leaning, bending, tilting, gravitating, bearing, verging
Inclined Noun Synonyms: likely, apt, liable, minded, prone
Inclined Verb Synonyms: tending, disposed, predisposed, prone, willing, keen, eager, of a mind

Other Words for Include

Include Adjective Synonyms: incorporate, embody, comprise, embrace, cover, encompass, take in, subsume, comprehend, contain

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