Other Words for Indebted

Indebted Adjective Synonyms: obligated, owing, obliged, beholden, bound, liable, responsible

Other Words for Indecent

Indecent Adjective Synonyms: indecorous, indelicate, immodest, improper, unbecoming, unsuitable, unfit, inappropriate, in bad taste

Other Words for Indecision

Indecision Adjective Synonyms: hesitation, wavering, indecisiveness, vacillation, irresolution, uncertainty, ambivalence, shilly-shally or shilly-shallying, fluctuation, tergiversation

Other Words for Indecisive

Indecisive Adjective Synonyms: hesitating, hesitant, wavering, doubtful, vacillating, undecided, irresolute, uncertain, of two minds, ambivalent, shilly-shallying, wishy-washy, namby-pamby, fluctuating, tergiversating

Other Words for Indeed

Indeed Adjective Synonyms: what is more, still, not to say, as a matter of fact, if the truth be known, to say the least
Indeed Adverb Synonyms: Is that so!, You don't say!, Really!, By George!, By Jove!, (Upon) my word!, My goodness!, Goodness!, Gracious!, Mercy!, Good Lord!, Good heavens!, My stars!, Fancy that!, Imagine (that)!, Well, I'll be (damned)!, Blimey!, Cor!, Crikey!
Indeed Noun Synonyms: certainly, surely, to be sure, doubtless(ly), undoubtedly, undeniably, definitely, positively, absolutely, exactly, just so, actually, truly, truthfully, seriously, (all) joking aside, in (point of) fact, of course, really, in reality, to be realistic

Other Words for Indefinite

Indefinite Interjection Synonyms: vague, unclear, obscure, confused, confusing, puzzling, baffling, cryptic, bewildering, mystifying, equivocal, ambiguous, unspecific, non-specific, inexplicit, inexact, imprecise
Indefinite Adjective Synonyms: ill-defined, undefined, blurred, blurry, hazy, indistinct, obscure, dim, fuzzy, unrecognizable, indistinguishable
Indefinite Adverb Synonyms: uncertain, undetermined, undefined, imprecise, inexact, inexplicit, unspecified, unsettled, unfixed, unspecific, non-specific, vague, general, indeterminate, undecided, sub judice

Other Words for Indelible

Indelible Adjective Synonyms: ineradicable or uneradicable or non-eradicable, inerasable or unerasable or non-erasable, ineffaceable, inexpungible, indestructible, uncancellable or non-cancellable, enduring, permanent, lasting, fixed, ingrained, inextirpable

Other Words for Indelicacy

Indelicacy Adjective Synonyms: coarseness, crudeness, roughness, vulgarity, boorishness, churlishness, offensiveness, rudeness, immodesty, indecency, shamelessness, incivility, indecorum, inelegance, uncourtliness, unmannerliness, impoliteness, unrefinement, unseemliness, tastelessness

Other Words for Indemnity

Indemnity Adjective Synonyms: compensation, repayment, reimbursement, remuneration, recompense, consideration, restitution, reparation(s), redress, indemnification, return, quid pro quo, restoration, award, reward, payment, disbursement, amends, requital, atonement, reckoning
Indemnity Noun Synonyms: insurance, protection, security, safety, guarantee, assurance, underwriting, warrant, endorsement, certification, exemption, impunity, privilege

Other Words for Indentation

Indentation Noun Synonyms: notch, dent, nick, cut, score, mark, depression, impression, hollow, dimple, pit, indention

Other Words for Independence

Independence Noun Synonyms: freedom, liberty, autonomy, sovereignty, self-rule, home rule, self-determination, self-government, self-direction, autonomy, autarchy

Other Words for Independent

Independent Noun Synonyms: free, self-governing, autonomous, sovereign
Independent Adjective Synonyms: self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-assured, (self-)confident, bold, individualistic, competent

Other Words for Independent Of

Independent Of Adjective Synonyms: irrespective of, disregarding, notwithstanding, ignoring, excluding, exclusive of, except for, barring, apart from, besides, beyond, aside from

Other Words for Indestructible

Indestructible Adjective Synonyms: durable, long-lasting, everlasting, eternal, endless, perennial, permanent, fixed, unchanging, changeless, unchangeable, indelible, ineradicable, inextirpable, immutable, unalterable, constant, undying, non-perishable, imperishable, unbreakable, non-break

Other Words for Index

Index Adjective Synonyms: mark, sign, clue, token, hint, pointer, indicator, indication, guide
Index Noun Synonyms: guide, directory, list, listing, table of contents, catalogue, key, thesaurus

Other Words for Indicate

Indicate Noun Synonyms: point out, point to, mark, specify, designate, indicate, call or direct attention to, show
Indicate Verb Synonyms: suggest, hint, imply, intimate, say, express, state, disclose, tell, make known, make clear, register, show, display, exhibit

Other Words for Indication

Indication Verb Synonyms: sign, signal, token, suggestion, hint, intimation, inkling, clue, implication, symptom
Indication Noun Synonyms: omen, portent, forewarning, warning, augury, foreshadowing, foretoken

Other Words for Indicative Of

Indicative Of Noun Synonyms: signifying, indicating, indicatory of, suggesting, suggestive of, hinting (at), symptomatic of, denotative of, characteristic of, typical of, typifying

Other Words for Indicator

Indicator Noun Synonyms: pointer, needle, gauge, meter, display

Other Words for Indict For

Indict For Adjective Synonyms: charge (with), accuse (with or of), arraign (for), incriminate (in or for), inculpate (in or for), cite (for or with), denounce (for), blame (for or with), summon, summons, subpoena

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