Other Words for Indifference

Indifference Noun Synonyms: unconcern, apathy, listlessness, disinterest, coolness, nonchalance, insouciance, aloofness, detachment, disregard, inattention, pococuranteism or pococurantism, coldness, phlegm, stolidity, callousness, insensibility, impassiveness, impassivity
Indifference Verb Synonyms: unimportance, insignificance, irrelevance, unconcern, inconsequence, triviality

Other Words for Indifferent

Indifferent Noun Synonyms: unconcerned, apathetic, uncaring, listless, disinterested, uninterested, cool, nonchalant, lukewarm, lackadaisical, Laodicean, dispassionate, insouciant, aloof, detached, distant, removed, inattentive, pococurante, cold, phlegmatic, stolid, callous
Indifferent Adjective Synonyms: neutral, average, mediocre, fair, undistinguished, uninspired, lightweight, passable, middling, ordinary, commonplace, everyday, so so, not bad, poor, inferior, not very or particularly or especially good, naff

Other Words for Indigenous

Indigenous Adjective Synonyms: native, local, autochthonous, endemic, natural, aboriginal, original

Other Words for Indigent

Indigent Adjective Synonyms: needy, poor, destitute, poverty-stricken, in want, penniless, impoverished, penurious, impecunious, necessitous, (dead or flat) broke, stony-broke, hard up, short, on one's uppers, skint, strapped

Other Words for Indigestion

Indigestion Adjective Synonyms: dyspepsia, upset stomach, stomach distress, stomach-ache, gastralgia

Other Words for Indignant

Indignant Adjective Synonyms: provoked, exasperated, disgruntled, piqued, irked, irritated, annoyed, vexed, angry, furious, irate, angered, enraged, incensed, wrathful, in high dudgeon, in a temper, in a rage, in a pet, wroth, peeved, riled, in a huff, huffy, miffed

Other Words for Indignation

Indignation Noun Synonyms: anger, fury, rage, wrath, exasperation, irritation, annoyance, vexation, resentment, ire, choler

Other Words for Indignity

Indignity Adjective Synonyms: insult, affront, outrage, injury, offence, humiliation, disrespect, slight, dishonour, snub, obloquy, contumely, scorn, reproach, abuse, discourtesy, aspersion, slap (in the face)

Other Words for Indirect

Indirect Noun Synonyms: roundabout, circuitous, circumambient, devious, tortuous, zigzag, winding, rambling, roving, wandering, erratic, meandering, ambagious, crooked, oblique, twisted, twisting, circumlocutory, periphrastic

Other Words for Indiscreet

Indiscreet Adjective Synonyms: imprudent, tactless, incautious, impolitic, undiplomatic, improvident, injudicious, ill-advised, ill-judged, ill-considered, rash, reckless, audacious, bold, temerarious, impulsive, hasty, impetuous, thoughtless, insensitive, heedless, careless

Other Words for Indiscretion

Indiscretion Adjective Synonyms: imprudence, tactlessness, improvidence, injudiciousness, rashness, recklessness, audacity, boldness, temerity, impulsiveness, hastiness, haste, impetuousness, impetuosity, thoughtlessness, insensitivity, heedlessness, carelessness, naivety, foolishness

Other Words for Indiscriminate

Indiscriminate Noun Synonyms: undiscriminating, unselective, unparticular, uncritical, undiscerning, careless, promiscuous, random

Other Words for Indispensable

Indispensable Adjective Synonyms: crucial, vital, essential, urgent, imperative, necessary, needed, needful, required, requisite, demanded, in demand, called-for, of the essence, important, compelling

Other Words for Indisposed

Indisposed Adjective Synonyms: ill, ailing, unwell, sick, sickly, unsound, unhealthy, in bad health, valetudinarian, out of commission, on the sick-list, (doing) poorly, laid up, in a bad way, not up to snuff, off one's feed or also grub, under the weather

Other Words for Indisputable

Indisputable Adjective Synonyms: unquestionable, incontrovertible, incontestable, irrefutable, undeniable, indubitable, beyond doubt, sure, certain, positive, definite, definitive, absolute, fixed

Other Words for Indistinct

Indistinct Adjective Synonyms: faint, dim, obscure, vague, blurred, blurry, filmy, hazy, misty, bleary, shadowy, fuzzy, foggy, murky, muddy, unclear, indiscernible, illegible, muffled, unintelligible, indistinguishable, indeterminate, confused, indefinite

Other Words for Indistinguishable

Indistinguishable Adjective Synonyms: indiscernible, imperceptible, indefinite, unclear, indistinct

Other Words for Indistinguishable From

Indistinguishable From Adjective Synonyms: undifferentiated, identical (to), alike, like two peas in a pod, twin, inseparable

Other Words for Individual

Individual Adjective Synonyms: single, sole, particular, separate, distinct, discrete, solitary, lone

Other Words for Individualist

Individualist Adjective Synonyms: independent, freethinker, nonconformist, maverick, loner, lone wolf

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