Other Words for Inflammatory

Inflammatory Adjective Synonyms: incendiary, fiery, inflaming, explosive, rousing, provocative, rabid, rabble-rousing, passionate, fervent, fervid, frantic, frenzied, fomenting, demagogic, insurgent, riotous, mutinous, seditious, rebellious, revolutionary, traitorous, treacherous

Other Words for Inflate

Inflate Noun Synonyms: blow up, balloon, expand, dilate, enlarge, swell, pump up, puff up or out, distend
Inflate Verb Synonyms: exaggerate, amplify, magnify, blow up
Inflate Adjective Synonyms: boost, increase

Other Words for Inflated

Inflated Verb Synonyms: exaggerated, conceited, overblown, grandiose, puffed up, overstated, magnified, amplified, overdrawn, smug, egotistic, immodest, cocky, vain, self-important, swelled-headed, swell-headed

Other Words for Inflexible

Inflexible Adjective Synonyms: unbending, stiff, rigid, firm, rigorous, unyielding, adamant, severe, Rhadamanthine, inelastic, hard (and fast), determined, fixed, obdurate, immovable, intractable, unvaried, unvarying, invariable, unchangeable, immutable, obstinate, stubborn, obstinate

Other Words for Inflict

Inflict Adjective Synonyms: impose, apply, visit, administer, levy, force on or upon, trouble, afflict

Other Words for Influence

Influence Verb Synonyms: connections, favor, favouritism, pull
Influence Adjective Synonyms: power, pressure, weight, sway, impact, force, effect, leverage, potency, hold, control, mastery, ascendancy, pull, clout
Influence Noun Synonyms: affect, move, change, modify, alter, bias, sway, persuade, induce, work on, impress (upon), play or act upon or on, incline, bring pressure to bear on or upon, move, motivate, manipulate, pressurize, pressure, pull strings or also wires

Other Words for Influential

Influential Noun Synonyms: powerful, weighty, strong, forceful, effective, effectual, efficacious, instrumental, telling, significant, persuasive, dominant, leading, guiding, authoritative, predominant, important, substantial, prestigious, significant, controlling

Other Words for Inform

Inform Verb Synonyms: tell, apprise, advise, communicate, enlighten, notify, acquaint, brief, impart, disclose, divulge, reveal, report, tip (off)

Other Words for Inform On

Inform On Adjective Synonyms: betray, incriminate, implicate, identify, tell (on), blab (on), rat (on), blow the whistle (on), peach (on), snitch (on), squeal (on), put the finger on, sing, name names, nark (on), grass (on), split on

Other Words for Informal

Informal Adjective Synonyms: vernacular, colloquial, simple, unaffected, ordinary, unpretentious, everyday
Informal Verb Synonyms: unceremonious, casual, natural, unstilted, familiar, ordinary, everyday, unaffected, unassuming, unpretentious, simple, relaxed, free, free and easy, common or garden, garden-variety

Other Words for Information

Information Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, data, facts, intelligence, message, word, advice, news, tidings, report, communication, info, low-down, dirt, dope, gen, bumf, poop

Other Words for Informative

Informative Adjective Synonyms: communicative, instructive, educational, edifying, revealing, illuminating

Other Words for Informed

Informed Noun Synonyms: intelligent, knowledgeable, enlightened, educated, learned, cultured, cultivated
Informed Adjective Synonyms: alert (to), aware (of), advised, in touch, au fait, briefed, conversant (with), (well-)versed, up (on), up to date, in the know, wise

Other Words for Informer

Informer Adjective Synonyms: traitor, betrayer, tattle-tale, taleteller, informant, stool-pigeon, snitch, squealer, weasel, grass, rat, stoolie, canary, shoo-fly

Other Words for Infrequently

Infrequently Adjective Synonyms: rarely, seldom, sporadically, occasionally, now and then, irregularly, exceptionally

Other Words for Infringe

Infringe Noun Synonyms: violate, contravene, break, disobey, transgress, overstep

Other Words for Infringe On

Infringe On Adverb Synonyms: intrude on, impinge on, trespass on, encroach on, invade

Other Words for Infringement

Infringement Verb Synonyms: violation, breach, contravention, infraction, disobedience, infraction, non-compliance, breaking, transgression

Other Words for Infuriate

Infuriate Verb Synonyms: enrage, anger, madden, incense, make (someone's) blood boil, provoke, inflame, work or stir or fire up, rile, arouse, vex, pique, gall, annoy, irritate, bother, chafe, agitate, irk, nettle, exasperate, raise (someone's) hackles

Other Words for Ingenious

Ingenious Noun Synonyms: clever, skilful, skilled, shrewd, cunning, crafty, canny, dexterous, adroit, acute, sharp, keen, resourceful, adept, apt, smart, gifted, bright, brilliant, talented, deft, handy, inventive, Daedalian, creative, imaginative, original, neat, keen

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