Other Words for Ingenuity

Ingenuity Verb Synonyms: ingeniousness, genius, brilliance, cleverness, skill, shrewdness, cunning, craft, art, knack, flair, dexterity, dexterousness, adroitness, acuteness, sharpness, keenness, resourcefulness, adeptness, aptness, smartness, canniness, gift, talent, ability

Other Words for Ingenuous

Ingenuous Adjective Synonyms: naive, simple, innocent, unsophisticated, childlike, suggestible, artless, sincere, genuine, trusting, guileless, natural, straight, uncomplicated, (fair and) square, honest, fair, just, open, undeceitful, unaffected, undeceptive, undissembling, unfeignin

Other Words for Ingrained

Ingrained Noun Synonyms: engrained, deep-rooted, fixed, inveterate, deep-seated, fundamental, basic, essential, inherent, inborn, innate, inbred, inherited, hereditary, organic, intrinsic, native, natural

Other Words for Ingratiating

Ingratiating Adjective Synonyms: fawning, groveling, sycophantic, toadying, toad-eating, servile, obsequious, flattering, time-serving, wheedling, cajoling, unctuous, oily, buttery, sweet-talking, sugary, saccharine, blandiloquent, boot-licking, slimy, smarmy

Other Words for Ingratitude

Ingratitude Adjective Synonyms: unthankfulness, ungratefulness, thanklessness, unappreciativeness, non-recognition

Other Words for Ingredient

Ingredient Adjective Synonyms: constituent, element, part, component, factor, makings

Other Words for Inhabit

Inhabit Noun Synonyms: dwell in, reside in, live in, abide in, occupy, settle, locate in, populate, people, colonize

Other Words for Inhabitant

Inhabitant Noun Synonyms: resident, dweller, denizen, citizen, tenant, occupant, occupier

Other Words for Inhale

Inhale Verb Synonyms: breathe in, inspire, draw or suck in

Other Words for Inherent

Inherent Noun Synonyms: intrinsic, indwelling, essential, basic, innate, connate, ingrained or engrained, native, congenital, inherited, hereditary, inborn, inbred, indigenous, immanent, built-in

Other Words for Inherit

Inherit Verb Synonyms: come into, fall or be or become heir to, be bequeathed, succeed to, be left, receive, acquire, come by

Other Words for Inheritance

Inheritance Adjective Synonyms: patrimony, heritage, legacy, bequest, birthright, property

Other Words for Inhibit

Inhibit Verb Synonyms: discourage, repress, frustrate, hold back, bridle, curb, control, govern, hinder, restrain, impede, obstruct, interfere with, check, prevent, bar, stop

Other Words for Inhibited

Inhibited Noun Synonyms: reticent, restrained, repressed, reserved, self-conscious, shy, abashed, embarrassed, uptight

Other Words for Inhibition

Inhibition Verb Synonyms: self-consciousness, restraint, constraint, impediment, hindrance, bar, barrier, defense, defense mechanism, blockage, interference, check, curb, stricture

Other Words for Inhospitable

Inhospitable Adjective Synonyms: unwelcoming, unreceptive, uninviting, unsociable, unsocial, aloof, cold, cool, standoffish, unfriendly, inimical, antisocial, hostile, xenophobic
Inhospitable Noun Synonyms: unfavorable, forbidding, hostile, barren, desert, uninviting, uninhabitable

Other Words for Inhuman

Inhuman Adjective Synonyms: inhumane, merciless, cruel, pitiless, ruthless, heartless, severe, unsympathetic, unfeeling, unkind, unkindly, uncompassionate, cold-blooded, vicious, stony-hearted, hard-hearted, callous, insensitive, barbaric, barbarous, savage

Other Words for Initial

Initial Adjective Synonyms: original, primary, first, prime, beginning, incipient, inaugural, opening, introductory, commencing

Other Words for Initiate

Initiate Verb Synonyms: begin, commence, enter upon or on, originate, introduce, set in motion, start, give rise to, get under way, launch, get or set going, trigger, set off, actuate, activate, instigate, institute, inaugurate
Initiate Noun Synonyms: admit, accept, introduce

Other Words for Initiation

Initiation Noun Synonyms: admittance, admission, entrance, induction, enrolment, instatement, investiture, ordination, installation, ceremony, rite, ritual
Initiation Verb Synonyms: beginning, commencement, inauguration, origination, debut, introduction, inception, establishment

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