Other Words for Insane

Insane Noun Synonyms: mad, demented, psychotic, schizophrenic, schizoid, non compos mentis, manic, maniacal, lunatic, deranged, unbalanced, psychoneurotic, neurotic, eccentric, crazy, of unsound mind, crazed, unhinged, out of one's mind or head, mad as a hatter or a March hare

Other Words for Insanity

Insanity Adjective Synonyms: madness, lunacy, mental illness or disorder, dementia (praecox), psychosis, schizophrenia, (mental) derangement, mania, psychoneurosis, neurosis

Other Words for Insecure

Insecure Adjective Synonyms: unstable, shaky, wobbly, precarious, infirm, weak, flimsy, frail, rickety, unsubstantial, rocky, unsound, unsteady, unreliable, uncertain
Insecure Noun Synonyms: uncertain, afraid, unsure, unconfident, nervous, worried, anxious, disconcerted, apprehensive, uncomfortable, shaky, jumpy, unnerved, fearful

Other Words for Insensible

Insensible Adjective Synonyms: insensate, unconscious, insentient, numb, benumbed, senseless, torpid, anaesthetized, out, out of it

Other Words for Insensible To

Insensible To Adjective Synonyms: insensitive, callous, indifferent, impervious, impassive, apathetic, cool, unsusceptible, unaffected, unmoved, untouched, unaware, deaf, inconsiderate, hard-hearted, thick-skinned, unfeeling, emotionless, dispassionate, thought

Other Words for Insert

Insert Adjective Synonyms: introduce, place or put or stick in, intercalate, interpolate, Interjectionect, interpose

Other Words for Inside

Inside Adverb Synonyms: within, inside of
Inside Adjective Synonyms: fundamentally, basically, at bottom, by nature
Inside Verb Synonyms: interior, centre, core, middle, heart, contents, lining, backing
Inside Noun Synonyms: favoured, advantageous, favorable, advantaged, privileged, preferred, preferential, propitious, exclusive, internal, private, secret, confidential, privy, clandestine

Other Words for Inside Out

Inside Out Noun Synonyms: everted, reversed, backwards

Other Words for Insides

Insides Noun Synonyms: bowels, entrails, viscera, gut(s), stomach, innards

Other Words for Insight

Insight Adverb Synonyms: perception, percipience, sensitivity, perspicacity, perceptiveness, perspicaciousness, discernment, acuteness, acuity, acumen, sharpness, understanding, judgment, comprehension, vision

Other Words for Insignificant

Insignificant Preposition Synonyms: paltry, trifling, petty, inconsiderable, inconsequential, trivial, unimportant, non-essential, minor, negligible, nugatory, unessential, niggling, puny, insubstantial, unsubstantial , piddling

Other Words for Insincere

Insincere Noun Synonyms: hypocritical, dishonest, dissembling, deceptive, disingenuous, deceitful, untruthful, false, artificial, ungenuine, treacherous, perfidious, faithless, double-dealing, duplicitous, two-faced, Janus-faced, lying, mendacious, sly, Machiavellian, cunning

Other Words for Insinuate

Insinuate Adjective Synonyms: impute, suggest, hint, intimate, imply, whisper, indicate, convey, signify
Insinuate Verb Synonyms: inject, infuse, instil, introduce

Other Words for Insist

Insist Verb Synonyms: demand, require, call for, command, importune, urge, exhort, argue, remonstrate, expostulate

Other Words for Insistent

Insistent Verb Synonyms: firm, dogged, emphatic, persistent, tenacious, resolute, determined, assertive, uncompromising, unfaltering, unwavering, persevering, perseverant, unrelenting, inexorable, stubborn, obstinate, unyielding, compelling, urgent, importunate

Other Words for Insolent

Insolent Verb Synonyms: impertinent, impudent, pert, saucy, bold, presumptuous, brazen, brash, disrespectful, insulting, contemptuous, offensive, rude, crude, uncivil, insubordinate, fresh, brassy, cheeky, smart-arsed or smart-ass(ed), wise

Other Words for Insolvent

Insolvent Adjective Synonyms: bankrupt, ruined, in receivership, penniless, impoverished, destitute, in Chapter Eleven, broke, wiped out, in the red, on the rocks, (gone) bust, gone to the wall, in Queer Street, skint

Other Words for Inspect

Inspect Adjective Synonyms: examine, scrutinize, study, scan, survey, vet, check (up (on) or out), investigate, pore over, peruse

Other Words for Inspiration

Inspiration Verb Synonyms: influence, stimulus, stimulation, encouragement, provocation, suggestion, guide, education
Inspiration Adjective Synonyms: awakening, arousal, stimulus, revelation, impulse, feeling, afflatus, enlightenment, insight, spur, incitement, incentive, spirit, energy, passion, ardor, zeal, enthusiasm, vigor, gusto, ebullience, sparkle

Other Words for Inspire

Inspire Noun Synonyms: animate, activate, actuate, stimulate, invigorate, stir, move, waken, awaken, arouse, rouse, instigate, prompt, rally, energize, enliven, vitalize, vivify, galvanize, inspirit, excite, spark (off), quicken, kindle, fire, provoke

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