Other Words for Install

Install Verb Synonyms: instal, invest, instate, initiate, establish, inaugurate, induct, institute, place, put, position, introduce, settle

Other Words for Installation

Installation Verb Synonyms: investiture, instatement, initiation, establishment, inauguration, induction, institution, placement, introduction, solemnization, swearing-in, consecration, ordination, crowning, coronation

Other Words for Instance

Instance Noun Synonyms: case (in point), example, exemplar, illustration, precedent, exemplification, occurrence, event

Other Words for Instant

Instant Adjective Synonyms: ready-made, ready-mixed, prepared, ready-to-serve, precooked
Instant Noun Synonyms: moment, point, second, time

Other Words for Instantaneously

Instantaneously Adjective Synonyms: instantly, immediately, at once, (right) now, directly, forthwith, promptly, this minute or second or instant, without delay, tout de suite, instanter, straight away or right away, pronto, momentarily

Other Words for Instead

Instead Adjective Synonyms: as an alternative or a substitute

Other Words for Instead Of

Instead Of Adverb Synonyms: alternatively, preferably, in preference to, in place of, in lieu of, rather than, as a substitute for, as contrasted with, as opposed to

Other Words for Instill

Instill Adverb Synonyms: instill, imbue, inculcate, infuse, ingrain or engrain, implant, insinuate, impart

Other Words for Instinct

Instinct Adverb Synonyms: intuition, feel, feeling, empathy, sensitivity, tendency, propensity, leaning, bent, skill, talent, faculty, sixth sense, knack, predisposition, capacity, aptitude, subconscious

Other Words for Instinctive

Instinctive Verb Synonyms: instinctual, intuitive, natural, innate, native, inborn, inbred, congenital, constitutional, reflex, visceral, intestinal, intrinsic, intuitional, subconscious, gut
Instinctive Noun Synonyms: immediate, involuntary, irrational, mechanical, automatic, spontaneous

Other Words for Institute

Institute Adjective Synonyms: society, organization, association, league, alliance, guild
Institute Noun Synonyms: inaugurate, introduce, initiate, set up, start, begin, originate, commence, pioneer

Other Words for Institution

Institution Noun Synonyms: custom, tradition, habit, practice, routine, rule, order (of the day), code (of practice), doctrine, dogma
Institution Verb Synonyms: establishing, establishment, forming, formation, origination, founding, foundation, installation, introduction, creation, organization

Other Words for Instruct

Instruct Noun Synonyms: teach, train, tutor, drill, educate, coach, inform, guide, edify, prepare, indoctrinate, inculcate

Other Words for Instruction

Instruction Verb Synonyms: teaching, education, schooling, training, drill, drilling, tuition, guidance, indoctrination, preparation, lessons, classes, coaching, tutelage, tutorial

Other Words for Instructions

Instructions Verb Synonyms: order, direction, brief, briefing, directive, guideline, advice, recommendation, rule, information, drill

Other Words for Instructive

Instructive Noun Synonyms: informative, informational, informatory, educational, instructional, helpful, revealing, edifying, enlightening, illuminating

Other Words for Instructor

Instructor Noun Synonyms: teacher, trainer, tutor, coach, mentor, adviser, educator, pedagogue, scholastic, academe, academician, doctor, docent, lecturer, professor, master, mistress, don, preceptor, docent

Other Words for Instrument

Instrument Noun Synonyms: agency, means, way, factor, mechanism, instrumentality, wherewithal, (prime) mover, catalyst, agent
Instrument Adjective Synonyms: implement, tool, device, apparatus, utensil, appliance, contrivance, mechanism, gadget, contraption, thingumabob, thingumajig, thingummy, thingy, whatsit, what's-its-name, whatnot, what-d'you-call-it, gubbins, gismo or gizmo

Other Words for Instrumental

Instrumental Noun Synonyms: helpful,eful, utilitarian, contributory, of service, supportive, supporting, advantageous, catalytic, conducive, beneficial, valuable, significant, important, accessory, ancillary

Other Words for Insubordinate

Insubordinate Noun Synonyms: disobedient, rebellious, defiant, refractory, mutinous, insurgent, insurrectional, insurrectionist, revolutionary, seditious, incompliant or uncompliant, uncooperative, recalcitrant, contumacious, fractious, unruly, perverse, contrary, obstreperous

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