Other Words for Illusory

Illusory Noun Synonyms: illusive, imaginary, fictional, unreal, untrue, fallacious, false, mistaken, imagined, fanciful, fancied, hallucinatory, deceptive, misleading, apparent,

Other Words for Illustrate

Illustrate Adjective Synonyms: picture, illuminate, grangerize, decorate, embellish, emblazon, ornament, adorn
Illustrate Noun Synonyms: instance, exemplify, demonstrate

Other Words for Illustration

Illustration Verb Synonyms: example, case (in point), instance, sample, specimen, exemplar, for instance

Other Words for Illustrious

Illustrious Noun Synonyms: distinguished, famous, noted, renowned, famed, eminent, well-known, prominent, important, notable, respected, esteemed, venerable, honoured, acclaimed, celebrated, great

Other Words for Image

Image Adjective Synonyms: likeness, representation, picture, sculpture, statue, effigy, figure, portrait, simulacrum, icon or ikon, idol, graven image, fetish, tiki
Image Noun Synonyms: epitome, duplicate, copy, counterpart, facsimile, replica, double, twin, clone, spitting image or spit and image, (dead) ringer

Other Words for Imagery

Imagery Noun Synonyms: figurativeness, allusion, symbolism

Other Words for Imaginary

Imaginary Noun Synonyms: fictitious, fanciful, fancied, chimerical, imagined, fictive, illusory or illusive, visionary, made-up, unreal, untrue, mythical or mythic, notional, abstract, legendary, mythological

Other Words for Imagination

Imagination Noun Synonyms: mind's eye, fancy, creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity, insight, inspiration, vision, imaginativeness, creative power(s)
Imagination Adjective Synonyms: thought, thinking, (mental) acuity, intelligence, wit

Other Words for Imaginative

Imaginative Noun Synonyms: creative, original, clever, ingenious, inventive, innovative, inspired, inspiring, enterprising, resourceful

Other Words for Imagine

Imagine Adjective Synonyms: think of, contemplate, picture, envisage, consider, ponder, meditate on, envision, visualize, conceive (of), conceptualize, create, think up, concoct, devise, dream up, cook up

Other Words for Imitate

Imitate Verb Synonyms: mimic, copy, ape, parrot, monkey, emulate, impersonate, do an impression of, echo, simulate

Other Words for Imitation

Imitation Verb Synonyms: copying, mimicking, mimicry, aping, parroting, emulating, emulation, impersonating, impersonation, impression
Imitation Noun Synonyms: copy, fake, counterfeit, forgery

Other Words for Immaculate

Immaculate Noun Synonyms: spotless, stainless, unblemished, pure, clean, untarnished, unsullied, unsoiled, snow-white, spick and span, dapper, spruce, tidy, neat
Immaculate Adjective Synonyms: pure, chaste, innocent, virginal, virtuous, vestal, pristine, undefiled, untainted, unspoiled, unblemished, stainless, unadulterated

Other Words for Immaterial

Immaterial Adjective Synonyms: unimportant, inconsequential, nugatory, trivial, trifling, petty, slight, insignificant, slight, flimsy, light, unessential, non-essential, of little account or value

Other Words for Immature

Immature Adjective Synonyms: premature, undeveloped, unripe, rudimentary, half-grown, unformed, unfledged, fledgling, unfinished, young, new, fresh, incomplete

Other Words for Immeasurable

Immeasurable Adjective Synonyms: vast, infinite, immense, huge, great, limitless, boundless, endless, interminable, unbounded, unlimited, measureless, inestimable, measureless, unfathomable, innumerable, numberless, uncountable, uncounted, incalculable

Other Words for Immediate

Immediate Adjective Synonyms: instantaneous, instant, abrupt, sudden, swift, spontaneous, instinctive, triggered, unhesitating, unthinking, automatic, reflex, knee-jerk

Other Words for Immediately

Immediately Adjective Synonyms: at once, instantly, instantaneously, promptly, right away, right now, without delay, unhesitatingly, without hesitation, forthwith, this instant, directly, in a wink, in a second, in a minute, tout de suite, instanter, straightaway
Immediately Adverb Synonyms: when, as soon as, the moment (that), directly

Other Words for Immense

Immense Adverb Synonyms: enormous, gigantic, extensive, vast, huge, massive, voluminous, tremendous, staggering, stupendous, mammoth, colossal, giant, titanic, Cyclopean, jumbo, elephantine, Brobdingnagian, humongous

Other Words for Immerse

Immerse Adjective Synonyms: plunge, sink, submerge, bury, absorb, engross, engage, occupy, involve
Immerse Conjunction Synonyms: plunge, sink, submerge, dip, dunk, duck, inundate

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