Other Words for Irritable

Irritable Adjective Synonyms: impatient, excitable, testy, touchy, quarrelsome, grouchy, fretful, peevish, cross, crabby, crusty, short-tempered, petulant, prickly, irascible, moody, temperamental, gruff, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, dyspeptic, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, ill-humoured

Other Words for Irritate

Irritate Adjective Synonyms: annoy, vex, nettle, pester, provoke, bother, anger, enrage, chafe, pique, exasperate, ruffle, hector, harass, harry, nag, plague, worry, fret, fluster, trouble, pick at or on, needle, get under (someone's) skin, get in (someone's) hair, hassle

Other Words for Island

Island Adjective Synonyms: isle, islet, ait, cay, key, atoll, archipelago, eyot, holm

Other Words for Isolate

Isolate Verb Synonyms: separate, segregate, sequester, cloister, detach, cut off, send to Coventry, ostracize, maroon, exclude, shut out, bar, debar, banish, deport, transport, exile, reject, eject, throw out, expel, shun, spurn, avoid, ignore, snub, quarantine, cut

Other Words for Isolated

Isolated Adjective Synonyms: secluded, remote, out-of-the-way, off the beaten track, unfrequented, lonely, secret, hidden
Isolated Verb Synonyms: alone, separated, segregated, secluded, sequestered, cloistered, unconnected, detached, (set) apart, removed, cut off, excluded, forlorn, lonely, hermitic(al), eremitic(al), anchoretic(al), troglodytic(al), monastic
Isolated Noun Synonyms: lone, solitary, single, singular, unique, anomalous, separate, special, particular, individual, exceptional, unrelated

Other Words for Issue

Issue Adjective Synonyms: outflow, outgoing, exit, egress, issuance, emanation, efflux, debouchment, emergence, outlet
Issue Noun Synonyms: point, topic, subject, matter, affair, problem, question

Other Words for Itch

Itch Verb Synonyms: tickle, tingle, prickle

Other Words for Item

Item Noun Synonyms: detail, article, point, particular, matter, thing, element, component, ingredient

Other Words for Itemize

Itemize Noun Synonyms: enumerate, list, specify, particularize, detail, document, number, record, count, tabulate

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