Other Words for Implausible

Implausible Verb Synonyms: improbable, unlikely, doubtful, dubious, questionable, unbelievable, incredible, far-fetched, unconvincing, debatable, unreasonable

Other Words for Implement

Implement Adjective Synonyms: carry out, execute, accomplish, perform, achieve, (put into) effect, bring about, cause, fulfill, realize
Implement Noun Synonyms: utensil, tool, instrument, apparatus, device, appliance, contrivance, mechanism, (piece of) equipment, gadget, contraption

Other Words for Implicate

Implicate Noun Synonyms: involve, include, associate, embroil, ensnare, entrap, enmesh, entangle

Other Words for Implication

Implication Noun Synonyms: significance, purport, drift, meaning, denotation, conclusion, inference, import, connotation, sense, burden, substance, essence, pith
Implication Verb Synonyms: involvement, connection, inclusion, association, entanglement

Other Words for Implicit

Implicit Noun Synonyms: implied, indirect, inferable, understood, unspoken, undeclared, tacit, inherent, inferential, latent

Other Words for Imply

Imply Adjective Synonyms: suggest, hint (at), intimate, insinuate

Other Words for Impolite

Impolite Adjective Synonyms: discourteous, ill-mannered, uncivil, rude, ungracious, ungentlemanly, unladylike, pert, disrespectful, saucy, boorish, churlish, crude, indecorous, indelicate, unrefined, ill-bred, vulgar, coarse

Other Words for Imponderable

Imponderable Verb Synonyms: unmeasurable, inestimable, inconceivable, incomprehensible, subtle

Other Words for Import

Import Adjective Synonyms: introduce, bring in
Import Verb Synonyms: meaning, sense, denotation, signification, gist, drift, thrust, intention, implication, purport, connotation, suggestion, allusion, intimation

Other Words for Importance

Importance Noun Synonyms: significance, consequence, import, value, worth, weight, account, concern, moment, substance, matter

Other Words for Important

Important Noun Synonyms: significant, consequential, critical, material, vital, urgent, portentous, weighty, grave, substantial, momentous, signal
Important Adjective Synonyms: influential, effective, well-connected, powerful, formidable, mighty, impressive

Other Words for Impose

Impose Adjective Synonyms: inflict, force, foist

Other Words for Impose On

Impose On Verb Synonyms: saddle, burden

Other Words for Imposing

Imposing Verb Synonyms: grand, magnificent, impressive, stately, august, majestic, effective, commanding

Other Words for Imposition

Imposition Verb Synonyms: inflicting, infliction, applying, application, enforcing, enforcement, levy, levying, promulgating, promulgation, introducing, introduction, placing, placement, laying on
Imposition Adjective Synonyms: burden, onus, weight, intrusion, misuse

Other Words for Impossible

Impossible Noun Synonyms: hopeless, impracticable, inconceivable, unimaginable, unthinkable, unattainable, unsuitable, out of the question, unachievable, unrealizable, unworkable, unresolvable, unsolvable

Other Words for Impostor

Impostor Adjective Synonyms: imposter, impersonator, pretender, deceiver, cheat, fraud, swindler, trickster, confidence man, shark, charlatan, mountebank, hypocrite, con man, phony, tricky Dick, flimflam man, four-flusher

Other Words for Impotence

Impotence Noun Synonyms: impotency, inadequacy, inefficacy, ineffectualness, ineffectiveness, ineptness, incompetence
Impotence Adjective Synonyms: weakness, powerlessness, helplessness, frailty, feebleness, enervation, debilitation

Other Words for Impotent

Impotent Adjective Synonyms: sterile, barren, infertile, infecund
Impotent Noun Synonyms: weak, powerless, helpless, frail, feeble, enervated, debilitated, infirm

Other Words for Impoverished

Impoverished Adjective Synonyms: destitute, poor, poverty-stricken, penurious, beggared, needy, necessitous, impecunious, in sore or bad straits, straitened, in distress, badly off, bankrupt, insolvent, ruined, (dead or flat) broke, stony-broke, bad off, pinched, up against it

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