Other Words for Idea

Idea Adjective Synonyms
notion, fancy, impression, picture, (mental) image, concept, conception, perception, understanding, awareness, apprehension, inkling, suspicion, hint, suggestion, approximation, clue, intimation, guess, estimate, estimation, impression
I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about. Can you give us any idea of the cause of the delay.

concept, conception, construct, thought, notion, plan, design, scheme, suggestion, recommendation
Is that your idea of a good singing voice? Peter has an excellent idea for increasing sales.

Idea Noun Synonyms
aim, goal, purpose, objective, object, end, point, reason, raison d'ˆtre
What was the idea of telling the teacher? The idea behind the scheme was to boost sales. The idea of the game is to capture your opponent's king.

hypothesis, theory, notion, dream, fantasy or phantasy
His invention is based on the idea of an anti-gravity device.

More Words for Idea

Object / Dream / Thought / Purpose / Guess / End / Point

Paranoid Ideation

Science / Psychiatry / Paranoid Ideation: Ideation, of less than delusional proportions, involving suspiciousness or the belief that one is being harassed, persecuted, or unfairly treated. MORE

Ego Ideal

Science / Psychiatry / Ego Ideal: The part of the personality that comprises the aims and goals for the self; usually refers to the conscious or unconscious emulation of significant figures with whom one has identified. The ego ideal MORE

Ideal Reader

Entertainment / Literature / Ideal Reader: The imaginary audience who would, ideally, understand every phrase, word, and allusion in a literary work, and who would completely understand the literary experience an author presents, and then resp MORE

Ideal Gas Law Constant

Science / Chemistry / Ideal Gas Law Constant: A constant R equal to PV/(nt) for ideal gases, where the pressure, volume, moles, and temperature of the gas are P, V, n, and T, respectively. The value and units of R depend on the units of P, V, and MORE

Ideal Solution

Science / Chemistry / Ideal Solution: All molecules in an 'ideal solution' interact in exactly the same way; the solvent-solvent, solvent-solute, and solute-solute intermolecular forces are all equivalent. Ideal solutions obey Raoult's la MORE

Employee-Driven Idea System

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Employee-Driven Idea System: A type of suggestion program where employees are rewarded for being ultimately responsible for the management and implementation of any idea they submitted. MORE