Other Words for Ideals

Ideals Noun Synonyms
principles, morals, standards
Everyone's ideals are compromised sooner or later.


Entertainment / Literature / Classical: The term in Western culture is usually used in reference to the art, architecture, drama, philosophy, literature, and history surrounding the Greeks and Romans between 1000 BCE and 410 BCE. Works crea MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Realism: An elastic and ambiguous term with two meanings. (1) First, it refers generally to any artistic or literary portrayal of life in a faithful, accurate manner, unclouded by false ideals, literary conven MORE

Ivory Tower

Entertainment / Literature / Ivory Tower: A derogatory term for a place, situation, or philosophical outlook that ignores or overlooks practical, worldly affairs. A French literary critic named Sainte-Beuve coined the phrase, and the term has MORE

Hemingway Code

Entertainment / Literature / Hemingway Code: Hemingway's protagonists are usually 'Hemingway Code Heroes,' i.e., figures who try to follow a hyper-masculine moral code and make sense of the world through those beliefs. Hemingway himself defined MORE

Cultural Symbol

Entertainment / Literature / Cultural Symbol: A symbol widely or generally accepted as meaning something specific within an entire culture or social group, as opposed to a contextual symbol created by a single author that has meaning only within MORE