Other Words for Identification

Identification Adjective Synonyms
connection, recognition, distinguishing, indication, perception, detection, selection, naming, labelling, pinpointing, designation, characterization, denomination, authentication, verification, establishment, certification, substantiation, corroboration
Her identification of him as her attacker is not sufficient to convict him.

classification, classifying, cataloguing, categorization, categorizing, pigeon-holing
How much time is needed for the identification of the minerals in the moon rocks.

Identification Noun Synonyms
connection, association, affiliation, empathy, sympathy, rapport, relationship
His continued identification with comic-book heroes is immature.

Identification Friend Or Foe (IFF)

Technology / Radar / Identification Friend Or Foe (IFF): The identification friend or foe (iff) system is an example of a secondary radar system that is in wide use in the military environment. MORE

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Technology / Motorcycle / Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It's much the same as the VIN used to identify a car. Each manufacturer seems to have a different coding system for the VIN placed on their bikes. The own MORE

Identification Period

Business / Real Estate / Identification Period: The period during which the exchanger must identify replacement property in a 1031 tax deferred exchange. The identification period starts on the day the exchanger transfers the first relinquished pro MORE

Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

Technology / Aviation / Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ): The area of airspace over land or water, extending upward from the surface, within which the ready identification, the location, and the control of aircraft are required in the interest of national se MORE

Animal Identification And Traceback

Business / Agriculture / Animal Identification And Traceback: Currently, the private marketing system, assisted by computerization of records, generally can trace products back to their original suppliers, although not necessarily all the way to the farm. It has MORE

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Identification Number (PIN): A code used by a mobile telephone number in conjunction with an SIM card to complete a call. MORE