Other Words for Identify With

Identify With Verb Synonyms
empathize (with), sympathize (with), relate (to), dig
His problem is that he identifies too closely with his dog.

Thought Withdrawal

Science / Psychiatry / Thought Withdrawal: delusional belief that thoughts are being removed MORE

Termination Without Cause

Health / Health Insurance / Termination Without Cause: A contract provision that allows either the MCO or the provider to terminate the contract without providing a reason or offering an appeals process. MORE

Tube-Within-A-Tube System

Science / Biology / Tube-Within-A-Tube System: A type of body plan in animals. The organism has two openings&emdash;one for food and one for the elimination of waste&emdash;and a specialized digestive system. MORE


Business / Finance / Underwithholding: A stock price perceived to be too low or cheap, as indicated by a particular valuation model. For instance, some might consider a particular company's stock price cheap if the company's price-earnings MORE

With Dividend

Business / Finance / With Dividend: A department within a brokerage firm that receives customers' orders and transmits the orders to the exchange floor or the firm's trading department. MORE

Termination With Cause

Health / Health Insurance / Termination With Cause: A contract provision, included in all standard provider contracts, that allows either the MCO or the provider to terminate the contract when the other party does not live up to its contractual obligat MORE