Other Words for Idle Away

Idle Away Adjective Synonyms
waste, fritter away, while away, kill
They idle away the hours lying by the swimming-pool.

More Words for Idle Away

Kill / Waste


Entertainment / Tennis / Putaway: A shot to try to end the point from an advantageous situation MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Pushaway: The initial movement of the ball to get it into motion; some people push the ball directly forward, others slightly push forward and up, others drop the ball into motion. MORE

One-Piece Takeaway

Entertainment / Golf / One-Piece Takeaway: When the beginning of the backswing is initiated by the torso, arms and hands moving together as one unit or in one piece MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Idler: A gear or gears placed between two other gears to transfer motion from one gear to the other gear without changing their speed or ratio. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Rollaway: A cot or other bedding that can be added to a hotel room to accommodate another guest. There is often an extra charge for this. MORE

Sold Away

Business / Finance / Sold Away: Tropical commodities such as coffee, sugar, and cocoa. MORE