Other Words for Idly

Idly Noun Synonyms
offhandedly, unconsciously, mechanically, thoughtlessly, unthinkingly, obliviously, insensibly, indifferently
He sat quietly, his fingers idly drumming on the tabletop.

unproductively, lazily, indolently
She wanders about the shops, idly whiling away the hours.

Labile Affect

Science / Psychiatry / Labile Affect: affect repeatedly and rapidly shifts from one extreme to another e.g. from despair to elation MORE

La Belle Indifférence

Science / Psychiatry / La Belle Indifférence: Literally, beautiful indifference. Seen in certain patients with conversion disorders who show an inappropriate lack of concern about their disabilities. labile Rapidly shifting (as applied to emotion MORE

Static Marks

Entertainment / Photography / Static Marks: Jagged fog marks on negatives as a result of a very dry film being rewound or unwound too rapidly. MORE

Kostinsky Effect

Entertainment / Photography / Kostinsky Effect: Development effect in which dense image points are inclined to move apart, relative to each other, and light image points to move together, relative to each other. This occurs because developer is not MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Compulsion: Repetitive ritualistic behavior such as hand washing or ordering or a mental act such as praying or repeating words silently that aims to prevent or reduce distress or prevent some dreaded event or si MORE

Frequency Agility

Technology / Radar / Frequency Agility: Frequency agility refers to the radar's ability to rapidly change its operating frequency in a pseudo-random fashion to maintain a narrow instantaneous bandwidth over a wide operating bandwidth. MORE