Other Words for Intent

Intent Adjective Synonyms
inclination, tendency, desire, intending
The mere intent to commit treason is often tantamount to treason.

Intent Noun Synonyms
concentrated, focused, fixed, steady, intense, determined, earnest, engrossed, absorbed, rapt, steadfast, resolute, attentive
Her intent stare unnerved many of her lecturers.

intention, aim, goal, target, purpose, object, objective, end, design, plan, idea
Was it your intent that I should go with you? The charge is assault with intent to kill.

bent, set, resolute, committed, decided, firm, keen, resolved, eager, firm, determined, zealous, avid, enthusiastic,
If you're intent on going, we won't try to change your mind.

More Words for Intent

Rapt / Determined / End / Object / Set / Purpose

Intentional Grounding

Entertainment / Football / Intentional Grounding: A type of illegal forward pass; thrown without an intended receiver and no chance of completion to any offensive player, for the sole purpose of conserving time or loss of yardage. This foul costs the MORE

Intentional Walk

Entertainment / Baseball / Intentional Walk: Four balls thrown on purpose to a batter advancing the hitter to first base. Generally, executed when 1st base is empty to set-up a force play. MORE

Intentional Foul

Entertainment / Basketball / Intentional Foul: A foul committed on purpose by a defensive player to stop the clock. In college basketball, the team that was fouled gets two free throws and possession of the ball. MORE

Letter Of Intent

Business / Finance / Letter Of Intent: An assurance by a mutual fund shareholder that a certain amount of money will be invested monthly, in exchange for lower sales charges. In mergers, a preliminary merger agreement between companies aft MORE


Health / Fitness / Qigong: An element of a t'ai Chi practice that covers many different types of movements that involve using and feeling the body's energy. MORE

Express Agreement-Contract

Business / Real Estate / Express Agreement-Contract: An oral or written contract in which the parties state the contracts terms and express their intentions in words. MORE