Other Words for Jolt

Jolt Verb Synonyms: butt, strike, hit, push, nudge, elbow, knock, jab
Jolt Adjective Synonyms: jar, shake (up), jostle, bump, bounce, jerk

Other Words for Jot

Jot Noun Synonyms: scrap, grain, (wee) bit, speck, mite, iota, whit, particle, tittle, slightest, tad, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Jot Down

Jot Down Noun Synonyms: make a note of, write or note (down), put or set or take down, record

Other Words for Journal

Journal Verb Synonyms: periodical, magazine, gazette, newspaper, paper, newsletter, review, tabloid, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, annual
Journal Noun Synonyms: diary, chronicle, dossier, record, register, log, logbook, minute-book, minutes, documentation, album, scrapbook, memoir, almanac, annal, history, yearbook, record book, roll, catalogue, list

Other Words for Journalist

Journalist Noun Synonyms: reporter, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, correspondent, newsman, newswoman, member of the fourth estate, gentleman or lady of the press, stringer, columnist, hack, newscaster, anchorman, anchorwoman, commentator, broadcaster, pressman, paragraphist

Other Words for Journey

Journey Noun Synonyms: trip, voyage, excursion, tour, travel, outing, expedition, junket, cruise, jaunt, pilgrimage, peregrination, odyssey, trek

Other Words for Joy

Joy Verb Synonyms: gaiety, cheerfulness, cheer, glee, buoyancy, joviality, jollity, jocundity, joyfulness, joyousness, jubilation, merriment, light-heartedness, blithesomeness
Joy Noun Synonyms: pleasure, gratification, satisfaction, happiness, contentment, enjoyment, gladness, delight, felicity, elation, exaltation, ecstasy, bliss, exhilaration, exultation, rapture

Other Words for Joyful

Joyful Noun Synonyms: cheerful, happy, buoyant, gleeful, merry, jovial, jolly, jocund, joyous, jubilant, gay, light-hearted, blithe, blithesome, sunny

Other Words for Joyless

Joyless Adjective Synonyms: sad, unhappy, miserable, depressed, dejected, mournful, downhearted, downcast, down, despondent, dispirited, melancholy, heavy-hearted, cheerless, doleful, grief-stricken, disheartened, saddened, crestfallen, wretched, disconsolate, inconsolable, morose

Other Words for Judge

Judge Noun Synonyms: connoisseur, expert, authority, arbiter, appraiser, evaluator, reviewer, critic, arbiter elegantiarum or elegantiae
Judge Verb Synonyms: believe, suspect, think, consider, suppose, guess, conjecture, surmise, conclude, infer
Judge Adjective Synonyms: justice, magistrate, jurist, Isle of Man deemster or dempster, beak

Other Words for Judgment

Judgment Verb Synonyms: judgment, discretion, discernment, discrimination, judiciousness, prudence, wisdom, wit, sagacity, perspicacity, clear-headedness, perception, perspicuousness, percipience, acumen, intelligence, (good) sense, common sense, level-headedness, understanding
Judgment Noun Synonyms: criticism, censure, disapproval, reproof, condemnation

Other Words for Judicial

Judicial Adjective Synonyms: judgelike, magisterial, impartial, fair
Judicial Noun Synonyms: legal, judiciary, judicatory, juridic(al), official

Other Words for Judicious

Judicious Adjective Synonyms: sensible, commonsensical, sound, sober, intelligent, aware, enlightened, wise, sage, sapient, thoughtful, reasonable, rational, sane, logical, discerning, discriminating, discriminative, astute, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, well-advised

Other Words for Jug

Jug Adjective Synonyms: pitcher, ewer, urn, carafe, bottle, flask, decanter, jar

Other Words for Juggle

Juggle Adjective Synonyms: manipulate, tamper with, falsify, fix, rig, distort, misstate, misrepresent, alter, arrange, doctor, cook

Other Words for Juice

Juice Noun Synonyms: extract, liquid, fluid
Juice Verb Synonyms: essence, pith, extract, vigor, force, vitality, spirit, strength, power

Other Words for Juicy

Juicy Noun Synonyms: succulent, moist, lush

Other Words for Jumble

Jumble Adjective Synonyms: disorder, mix (up), mingle, confuse, confound, muddle, shuffle, disarrange, disorganize, tangle, entangle

Other Words for Jumbo

Jumbo Verb Synonyms: huge, gigantic, enormous, elephantine, immense, oversized, king-sized, humongous

Other Words for Jump

Jump Adjective Synonyms: start, jerk, wince, flinch, recoil
Jump Verb Synonyms: pass, move, leap, skip
Jump Noun Synonyms: leap, bound, spring, pounce, hurdle, vault, hop, skip, caper, cavort, gambol

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