Other Words for Jab

Jab Noun Synonyms
stab, thrust, poke, dig, prod, plunge, nudge, tap
The doctor jabbed a needle into my arm.

Jab Verb Synonyms
punch, belt, smack, rap, whack, thwack, cuff, thump, wallop, clip, sock, slug, biff
A hard jab in the stomach made the bully turn to pudding.

stab, thrust, poke, dig, prod, nudge
I felt the jab of her elbow signalling me to be quiet.

punch, hit, strike, belt, smack, rap, whack, thwack, cuff, thump, wallop, elbow, clip, sock, slug, biff
I jabbed him in the jaw with a quick left.

More Words for Jab

Tap / Hit / Stab / Strike / Rap

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