Other Words for Jag

Jag Adjective Synonyms
spree, carouse, orgy, bout, binge, toot
She was terribly hung-over after last night's jag.


Science / Biology / Resolution: In relation to microscopes, the ability to view adjacent objects as distinct structures. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Anti-Aliasing: A programming technique (or hardware capability) that automatically smoothes jaggy edges, and is especially useful for making low-resolution images look better. MORE

Static Marks

Entertainment / Photography / Static Marks: Jagged fog marks on negatives as a result of a very dry film being rewound or unwound too rapidly. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Totemism: In its most specific sense, the term applies to the religious practices of the Native American Ojibiwa tribe, i.e., a religious belief in which a family or a clan would be watched over assisted by a t MORE

Head Man

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Head Man: To pass the puck ahead to a teammate, especially on a rush; as in, 'jagr head mans the puck to gretzky.' MORE