Other Words for Jam

Jam Noun Synonyms
block, obstruct, congest, fill up, clog, plug, stop up
The toilet is jammed with paper again.

Jam Verb Synonyms
cram, force, push, wedge, stuff, press, ram, squeeze, shove, pack, crowd
We were jammed in so tightly that we couldn't move.

crush, squeeze, crowd, mob, swarm, multitude, throng, mass, horde, pack, press
You wouldn't believe the jam of football fans at the cup final.

obstruction, blockage, blocking, block, congestion, tie-up, bottleneck, stoppage
She was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour.

slam, activate, actuate
I jammed on the brakes.

More Words for Jam

Squeeze / Block / Mass / Press / Force / Pack / Ram

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