Other Words for Jar

Jar Noun Synonyms
disagree, conflict, clash, bicker, quarrel, wrangle, oppose, discord
She finds that her emotions about her ex-husband are jarring.

shake, agitate, disturb, stir, shock, jolt, jounce, bounce, jog, jerk, jiggle, joggle
Don't jar the oven or the cake will collapse.

Jar Verb Synonyms
crock, receptacle, vessel, container, urn, pot, vase, jug, pitcher, ewer, flagon, carafe, bottle, amphora
We always keep some small change in that blue jar.

disturb, upset, disconcert, unsettle, disquiet, bother, trouble, vex, gall, offend, take aback, irritate, grate, irk, nettle, annoy
It jars me to think that they got off with light sentences.

shock, start, jolt, surprise
Seeing Sam after all those years gave me quite a jar.

More Words for Jar

Start / Upset / Jog / Pot / Stir / Discord / Shock / Trouble


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