Other Words for Keen

Keen Noun Synonyms: sharp, sharpened, razor-sharp, razor-like, knife-edged, trenchant, incisive, cutting, rapier-like, pointed, mordant, acid, vitriolic, acerbic, astringent, biting, acrid, acrimonious, stinging, scorching, caustic, searing, withering, virulent, pungent,
Keen Adjective Synonyms: enthusiastic, avid, zealous, devoted, ardent, fervent, fervid, earnest, impassioned, passionate, intense, active, agog, eager, itching, anxious

Other Words for Keen On

Keen On Adjective Synonyms: fond of, enamoured of, devoted to, interested in

Other Words for Keep

Keep Noun Synonyms: hold, have, take care or charge of, mind, tend, care for, look after, guard, keep an eye on, watch over, protect, safeguard, maintain, feed, nourish, victual, board, nurture, provide for, provision
Keep Verb Synonyms: retain, hold, hang on to, preserve, conserve, have, save, maintain, control

Other Words for Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind Noun Synonyms: remember, do not forget or overlook, recall, retain, be aware or cognizant or mindful of, consider

Other Words for Keep On

Keep On Verb Synonyms: continue, carry on, persist (in), persevere (in), prolong, sustain

Other Words for Keep Someone Posted

Keep Someone Posted Verb Synonyms: inform, advise, brief, notify, fill (someone) in on

Other Words for Keep Track Of

Keep Track Of Verb Synonyms: trace, track, keep an eye on, follow, pursue, monitor, supervise, oversee, keep up with or on, watch, keep a record of or on, record

Other Words for Keeper

Keeper Noun Synonyms: custodian, guardian, guard, warden, caretaker, warder, nurse, attendant, minder

Other Words for Keepsake

Keepsake Noun Synonyms: memento, souvenir, token, reminder, remembrance, relic

Other Words for Keg

Keg Noun Synonyms: cask, barrel, butt, hogshead, tun, puncheon

Other Words for Kernel

Kernel Noun Synonyms: grain, seed, pip, stone, nut, meat, nut-meat

Other Words for Key

Key Noun Synonyms: latchkey, skeleton key, passkey, opener

Other Words for Keystone

Keystone Noun Synonyms: necessity, crux, linchpin, basis, principle, foundation, cornerstone

Other Words for Kick

Kick Adjective Synonyms: boot, punt
Kick Noun Synonyms: recoil, backlash, rebound
Kick Verb Synonyms: punt, drop-kick

Other Words for Kickback

Kickback Noun Synonyms: rebate, refund, share, compensation, commission, percentage, reward, bribe, pay-off, payola, plugola

Other Words for Kidnap

Kidnap Noun Synonyms: abduct, capture, seize, carry off, snatch

Other Words for Kill

Kill Noun Synonyms: execute, slay, murder, assassinate, do away with, put to death, cause the death of, liquidate, dispatch or despatch, take (someone's) life, finish (off), put an end to, write 'finis' to, silence, kill off, administer the coup de grace, eliminate
Kill Verb Synonyms: destroy, ruin, devastate, ravage, wreak or work havoc (up)on, kill off

Other Words for Killer

Killer Noun Synonyms: murderer, assassin, slayer, cutthroat, butcher, exterminator, Bluebeard, (Jack the) ripper, torpedo, hit man, triggerman, gunsel, hooligan, gunfighter, iceman, hatchet man

Other Words for Killing

Killing Noun Synonyms: murder, carnage, butchery, execution, slaughter, bloodshed, death, massacre, genocide, liquidation, mass murder or destruction, decimation, extermination, blood bath, manslaughter, slaying, homicide, fatality

Other Words for Killjoy

Killjoy Noun Synonyms: spoilsport, damper, dampener, grouch, grump, malcontent, pessimist, cynic, prophet of doom, Cassandra, wet blanket, sourpuss, party pooper, gloomy Gus, picklepuss

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