Other Words for Kin

Kin Adjective Synonyms: family, relative(s), relation(s), kindred, kinsfolk or and kinfolk, kinsman, kinswoman, stock, clan, blood-relation(s), blood-relative(s)
Kin Noun Synonyms: related, akin (to), kindred, consanguineous, consanguine, cognate, agnate

Other Words for Kind

Kind Adjective Synonyms: sort, type, variety, style, genre, species, class, breed, brand, make
Kind Noun Synonyms: friendly, kindly, nice, congenial, affable, approachable, amiable, obliging, accommodating, amicable, well-disposed, courteous, good, good-natured, benevolent, well-meaning, well-wishing, thoughtful, well-intentioned, generous, big-hearted, humanitarian

Other Words for Kindle

Kindle Noun Synonyms: cordially, graciously, obligingly, amiably, amicably, politely, genially, courteously, thoughtfully, considerately, hospitably, agreeably, pleasantly
Kindle Verb Synonyms: please, be so kind as to, be good enough to
Kindle Adjective Synonyms: ignite, light, set alight, set fire to, set afire, inflame, fire, foment, incite, instigate, provoke, prompt, prick, goad, spur, whip up, stir (up), work up, excite, agitate, shake up, jolt, arouse, rouse, (a)waken, inspire, inspirit, stimulate, animate,

Other Words for Kindness

Kindness Adverb Synonyms: friendliness, kind-heartedness, warm-heartedness, graciousness, goodness, good-naturedness, good-heartedness, good will, benevolence, benignity, humaneness, humanity, decency, tenderness, gentleness, kindliness, charity, charitableness, generosity, philan

Other Words for Kindred

Kindred Noun Synonyms: close, associated, united, allied, analogous, like, similar, matching, parallel, common, related, akin

Other Words for King

King Adjective Synonyms: prince, crowned head, majesty, sovereign, monarch, ruler, regent, royal

Other Words for Kingdom

Kingdom Noun Synonyms: field, area, domain, province, sphere (of influence), territory, bailiwick, turf
Kingdom Adjective Synonyms: realm, empire, sovereignty, principality, monarchy

Other Words for Kink

Kink Noun Synonyms: twist, crimp, tangle, knot, wrinkle, curl, coil, curlicue, crinkle

Other Words for Kinky

Kinky Adjective Synonyms: crisp, frizzy, frizzed, frizzled, curly, crimped, wiry, knotted, tangled, twisted
Kinky Noun Synonyms: outlandish, peculiar, odd, queer, quirky, bizarre, crotchety, eccentric, strange, idiosyncratic, different, offbeat, unorthodox, capricious, irregular, erratic, unconventional, unique, freakish, weird, fantastic, whimsical

Other Words for Kinship

Kinship Adjective Synonyms: consanguinity, (blood) relationship, (family) ties, (common) descent, lineage, flesh and blood

Other Words for Kiss

Kiss Noun Synonyms: osculate, peck, smack, smooch, neck, spoon, canoodle
Kiss Verb Synonyms: osculation, peck, smack, smooch, buss, smacker

Other Words for Kiss Goodbye

Kiss Goodbye Verb Synonyms: bid adieu, say farewell to, give up, relinquish, abandon, forsake, desert, renounce, repudiate, forget (about), dismiss, disregard, ignore

Other Words for Kit

Kit Verb Synonyms: apparatus, gear, equipment, paraphernalia, appurtenances, rig, accoutrements or also accouterments, tackle, trappings, supplies, furnishings, instruments, tools, utensils, implements

Other Words for Kitchen

Kitchen Noun Synonyms: kitchenette, cookhouse, scullery, pantry, larder, galley, caboose

Other Words for Kittenish

Kittenish Noun Synonyms: coy, seductive, flirtatious, coquettish, sportive, playful

Other Words for Kitty

Kitty Noun Synonyms: pot, pool, collection

Other Words for Knack

Knack Adjective Synonyms: genius, intuition, talent, gift, talent, facility, skill, aptitude, bent, ability, flair, dexterity, capacity, adroitness, proficiency, skillfulness

Other Words for Knife

Knife Noun Synonyms: blade

Other Words for Knit

Knit Noun Synonyms: join or fasten or weave (together), interweave, interlace, interconnect, intertwine, link, bind, unite, tie (up or together), consolidate, combine, compact
Knit Verb Synonyms: grow (together), heal, mend, join

Other Words for Knob

Knob Verb Synonyms: boss, stud, protuberance, projection, protrusion, handle

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