Other Words for Keep

Keep Noun Synonyms
hold, have, take care or charge of, mind, tend, care for, look after, guard, keep an eye on, watch over, protect, safeguard, maintain, feed, nourish, victual, board, nurture, provide for, provision
Would you keep this parcel for me until I return? They keep chickens and ducks.

Keep Verb Synonyms
donjon, tower, dungeon
He was imprisoned in the keep of the castle for twenty years.

last, be preserved, survive, stand up, stay fresh
Eggs keep longer in the refrigerator.

confine, detain, imprison, incarcerate, jail or also gaol
The police have kept him overnight.

celebrate, observe, solemnize, memorialize, commemorate
We always kept Easter at my mother's house in the country.

keep to, abide by, follow, obey, mind, adhere to, attend to, pay attention to, heed, regard, observe, respect, acknowledge, defer to, accede (to), agree (to)
Only a stickler would keep the letter of such a law.

harbor, maintain, safeguard, keep dark
Can you keep a secret? .

support, finance, provide for, subsidize, maintain
He kept a mistress in Chelsea.

retain, hold, hang on to, preserve, conserve, have, save, maintain, control
The difficulty is not in making money but in keeping it.

maintain, store, preserve
I keep woollen things in a cedar chest.

upkeep, maintenance, support, room and board, subsistence, food, sustenance, living
He works hard to earn his keep.

accumulate, save (up), amass, hoard (up), husband, retain, preserve, put or stow away
My brother has kept all the toys he ever had.

stay, remain
Keep off the grass. Keep to the left.

More Words for Keep

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