Other Words for Keep Someone Posted

Keep Someone Posted Verb Synonyms
inform, advise, brief, notify, fill (someone) in on
Our observers have kept me posted as to your whereabouts every step of the way.

Pesticide Recordkeeping Program (PRP)

Business / Agriculture / Pesticide Recordkeeping Program (PRP): Authorized by the FACT Act of 1990, the program requires that private pesticide applicators keep records of the pesticides they use in agricultural production and that the records be surveyed to provi MORE

Penalty Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Timekeeper: An official who sits between the two penalty boxes and is responsible for recording and timing every penalty. MORE

Posted County Price (PCP)

Business / Agriculture / Posted County Price (PCP): This price is calculated for wheat and feed grains for each county by the Farm Service Agency. The PCP reflects changes in prices in major terminal grain markets (of which there are 18 in the country) MORE

Promise Keeping-Truthtelling

Health / Health Insurance / Promise Keeping-Truthtelling: An ethical principle which, when applied to managed care, states that managed care organizations and their providers have a duty to present information honestly and are obligated to honor commitments. MORE


Business / Taxes / Safekeeping: Safekeeping occurs when a broker-dealer holds securities for a client that are registered in the client’s name. The advantage from the client’s perspective is that the securities are safe and the MORE


Business / Finance / Safekeep: Holding by a bank of bonds and money market instruments. For a fee, the bank clips coupons and presents for payment at maturity. MORE