Other Words for Keeper

Keeper Noun Synonyms
custodian, guardian, guard, warden, caretaker, warder, nurse, attendant, minder
The keepers are very strict about not letting people feed the animals. How come they let you out without your keeper.

More Words for Keeper

Guard / Minder / Nurse

Keeper League

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Keeper League: These leagues allow you to keep a certain number of players each season. The number of keepers varies from league-to-league. Some leagues, called 'Dynasty Leagues,' allow you to keep your entire roste MORE


Health / Dentistry / Gatekeeper: A primary care physician who provides a broad range of routine medical services and refers patients to specialists, hospitals and other providers as necessary. This traditional primary care physician MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goalkeeper: The heavily padded player who guards the goal; prevents opponents from scoring by stopping the puck any way he can. MORE

Game Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Game Timekeeper: An official who is responsible for everything involved in timing the game: operating the scoreboard clock, sounding the buzzer that indicates the end of a period, and announcing, after 19 minutes have MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Greenkeeper: Older term for an individual involved in maintaining and caring for a golf course and grounds MORE

Penalty Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Timekeeper: An official who sits between the two penalty boxes and is responsible for recording and timing every penalty. MORE