Other Words for Keg

Keg Noun Synonyms
cask, barrel, butt, hogshead, tun, puncheon
We bought a keg of beer for the party.


Entertainment / Bowling / Kegler: German word for bowler. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Keggling: Bowling. MORE

Pelvic Floor Muscles

Health / Pilates / Pelvic Floor Muscles: The deep internal muscles engaged when halting urination or performing a Kegel exercise. MORE

Descent Into The Underworld

Entertainment / Literature / Descent Into The Underworld: An archetype or motif in folklore, religion, mythology, or literature in which the protagonist must descend into the realm of the dead (usually located beneath the earth in hell, Elysium, or Tartarus) MORE

Morrill Act Of 1890

Business / Agriculture / Morrill Act Of 1890: Enacted August 30, 1890 (chapter 841, 26 Stat. 417), this law authorized additional direct appropriations for the land grant colleges of agriculture that had been established under the Morrill Act of MORE