Other Words for Kernel

Kernel Noun Synonyms
centre, core, nucleus, heart, essence, quintessence, substance, gist, pith, nub, quiddity
Let's get down to the kernel of the problem.

grain, seed, pip, stone, nut, meat, nut-meat
Try to extract the walnut kernel without breaking it.

More Words for Kernel

Essence / Substance / Heart

Kuala Lumpur Commodities Exchange (KLCE)

Business / Finance / Kuala Lumpur Commodities Exchange (KLCE): The Malaysian commodity exchange for trading futures in crude palm oil, crude palm kernel oil, tin, rubber, and cocoa. MORE


Technology / Computers / VxWorks: An Operating System developed by Wind River Systems. It is a real-time software development environment and a multitasking operating system similar to; QNX, Lynx, pSOS etc.. VxWorks uses the VRTX kern MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Amaretto: An after-dinner liqueur with an almond flavor that is made in Italy from apricot kernels. The original amaretto, Amaretto di Saronne, was first made in Saronne, Italy, in 1525. MORE

Point-Spread Function

Science / Spiders / Point-Spread Function: the kernel in the superposition integral (convolution product) that expresses the effect of a linear optical system in the formation of an image of an object. Point spread function and transfer functi MORE

Convolution Product

Science / Spiders / Convolution Product: a 2D or 3D function obtained as the result of a superposition integral. The integrand is an image or volume, and the superposed kernel is a typically short-range 'point spread function' that expresses MORE

Swap Space

Technology / Computers / Swap Space: Disk space used by the kernel as "virtual" RAM. It is slower than RAM, but because disk space is cheaper, swap is usually more plentiful. Swap space is useful to the kernel for holding lesser-used dat MORE