Other Words for Key

Key Noun Synonyms
important, essential, vital, necessary, crucial, critical, main, pivotal
Automatic reversal is a key feature of this cassette player. Roderick is a key man in the company.

mood, tenor, tone, humour, style
In this passage there is a change to a more sombre key.

latchkey, skeleton key, passkey, opener
Have you lost your car keys again? You will need a key to open the air valve on the radiator.

clue, cue, guide, indication, indicator, explanation
The key to his behavior can probably be found in the way his mother treated him in his childhood.

legend, explanation, description, explication, clarification, translation
A key to the symbols appears on every other page.

pitch, tone, timbre, level, tonality, frequency
The song was originally written in the key of C.

More Words for Key

Pitch / Guide / Essential / Vital / Level / Tone / Style / Main

High-Key Lighting

Technology / Television (TV) / High-Key Lighting: A lighting style in which the ratio in intensity of key light to fill light is small. The result is an evenly lit set, with a low contrast between the bright and dark areas of the set. MORE

Low-Key Lighting

Technology / Television (TV) / Low-Key Lighting: A lighting style wherein the key light is so much more intense than the fill light that there is a high contrast between bright and dark areas. The bright areas are especially bright and the dark area MORE

Relative Key

Entertainment / Music / Relative Key: The major and minor key that share the same key signature: for example, D minor is the relative minor of F major, both having one flat. MORE

Irish Whiskey

Entertainment / Liquor / Irish Whiskey: The Irish have been making whiskey for 700 years and are said to have invented the stuff. The main difference between Irish and Scotch whiskey is that Irish Whisky is entirely lacking in the smoky tas MORE

Wild Turkey 101

Entertainment / Liquor / Wild Turkey 101: Kentucky 8 year old straight bourbon whiskey. One of America's finest bourbon whiskeys. 101 proof. MORE

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable, specific measures of an organization’s performance in a certain area(s) of its business. . The purpose of KPI’s is to provide the company with quantifi MORE