Other Words for Keystone

Keystone Noun Synonyms
necessity, crux, linchpin, basis, principle, foundation, cornerstone
Predestination was the keystone of his religion.

Keystone Predator

Science / Marine Biology / Keystone Predator: The dominant predator or the top predator that has a major influence on community structure. For example, sea otters are a keystone predator in kelp beds. Sea otters eat urchins that feed on kelp whic MORE

Keystone Species

Science / Marine Biology / Keystone Species: A predator at the top of a food web, or discrete subweb, capable of consuming organisms of more than one trophic level beneath it MORE

Keystone Sack

Entertainment / Baseball / Keystone Sack: Second base. MORE

Keystone Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Keystone Frame: An American term to describe a diamond-type frame in which the engine serves as part of the structure. MORE