Other Words for Kick

Kick Adjective Synonyms
boot, punt
The basic aim in soccer is to kick the ball into the back of the net.

Kick Noun Synonyms
recoil, backlash, rebound
The shotgun kicked when I fired it.

Kick Verb Synonyms
recoil, backlash, rebound
That gun has quite a kick.

punt, drop-kick
His kick sent the ball down the field.

More Words for Kick


Place Kick

Entertainment / Football / Place Kick: A kick towards the goalpost for a field goal or extra point; held between the ground and another player’s finger. MORE

Kicker (K)

Entertainment / Football / Kicker (K): Player who specializes in placekicking (i.e. Field goals and kick offs). MORE

Onside Kick

Entertainment / Football / Onside Kick: A play in which the kicking team tries to recover the kicked ball. MORE

Kick Returner

Entertainment / Football / Kick Returner: A player on the receiving team who specializes in fielding kicks and running them back. MORE

Pooch Kick

Entertainment / Football / Pooch Kick: A punt or kickoff that is deliberately kicked with less than full force. It is often used in an attempt to limit the ability of the return team to return the ball.[8][9] MORE

Squib Kick

Entertainment / Football / Squib Kick: A type of kickoff in which the ball is intentionally kicked low to the ground, typically bouncing on the ground a few times before being picked up. This is done in the hopes of preventing a long retur MORE