Other Words for Kill

Kill Noun Synonyms
execute, slay, murder, assassinate, do away with, put to death, cause the death of, liquidate, dispatch or despatch, take (someone's) life, finish (off), put an end to, write 'finis' to, silence, kill off, administer the coup de grace, eliminate
He was the third police officer to be killed this year.

Kill Verb Synonyms
consume,e up, spend, while away, occupy, fill, pass, idle
While waiting, I killed time doing a crossword puzzle.

destroy, ruin, devastate, ravage, wreak or work havoc (up)on, kill off
The entire orange crop was killed by the sudden frost.

muffle, neutralize, deaden, damp, silence, nullify, dull, absorb, smother, stifle, suppress, still
This padding should kill the noise of the motor.

death, killing, end, finish, deathblow, coup de grace, termination, denouement or d‚nouement, conclusion
She wants to be in at the kill.

game, prey, quarry
The lioness allowed her cubs to eat part of the kill.

exhaust, tire (out), fatigue, weary, fag (out)
Pushing that mower all day nearly killed me.

hurt, pain, torment, torture
These shoes are killing me.

quash, suppress, defeat, veto, cancel
The tobacco interests campaigned to kill the bill to ban smoking in public places.

More Words for Kill

End / Still / Pain / Weary / Fill / Pass / Veto / Damp / Occupy / Ruin / Murder

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